Gravitas: Israel gripped by unrest once again

Israel is on the edge once again. The situation seems to be a rerun of 2021. Tensions are rising in West Bank. There are recurring attacks in #TelAviv. Jerusalem too is in the grip of unrest. Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you why.

#Israel #Gravitas #Unrest

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Comment (37)

  1. whats up with people from India in the comments always supporting oppressive governments? Israel and now Russia? with very super discriminatory comments

  2. Israel is the biggest occupier a terrorist in the whole world they've been terrorizing the palestinians taking their lands by force for over 60 years.

  3. Double standard news news the reporter forgot to mention Israel shoots and kills a woman And she was unarmed unarmed. Also all this violence started from as Israeli's storming al aqsa mosque

  4. Same thing was happening in 2000, 2001 when Isreal was (at the west's prodding) continually at the peace talk table – constant suicide bombings killing isreali citizens, retaluation, etc. We lost site of that after 911, however. Truth is Palestinian leadership wants nothing to do with peaceful coexistence. They only respect strength!

  5. Israel has been the most ruthless illegal colonial apartheid which must not exist!! It was established by the UN & US to commit all horrific crimes against PALESTINIANS!! END israel immediately and forever for a PEACEFUL & PROGRESSING Palestine & MENA!!

  6. When Palestinians children and women are killed its like to you and the West its normal.
    If you had even handed reporting killings on both sides would be less frequent.

  7. Egyptian President Nassar noted that "They left here black and came back white". The current people in Israel are Israelis not Jews. They even call themselves Jewish which means like a Jew but not quite a Jew.

  8. Only one country of Jews in the world and they have every right to defend their country & their people. It’s not okay to attack people just because they follow a different religion. Why can’t people live in peace

  9. When Palestinians show resistance against occupation then it is murdered and when radical Zionist occupy and kill then it is defense. Champions of human rights logic

  10. i have full confidence the jewish people of israel will weather this just as they weathered every other situation they faced. stay strong, show no mercy to these animals who can only attack like cowards.

  11. Responsible for many war crimes, Apartheid Israel is the illegal occupier of Palestine – India was colonised and enslaved by Britain and Israelis trying to do same to Palestine, open your eyes you blind bunch

  12. Israel gripped by unrest once again yet Palestinians at constant unrest with the killings of civilians and home demolitions and apartheid state…

  13. Hey Israel , considering your neighborhood, eliminating jihadis should be like moving the lawn, dont let the grass grow so long that it start to irritate you

  14. This news channel is biased on reporting by supporting Israel, India and condemning Pakistan and underplaying the Palestinian struggle. Is it because Israel and Indian signed some agreements against muslims?? Who knows…

  15. We people just survived a deadly virus. Thousands of people died. We lost our family friends our children.
    And now our oh so world leaders start ww3 because of their egos.
    Dear World leaders please let us live peacefully. We people don't want war anymore. I begging you🙏🏻

  16. Act of terror for fighting back ?????? Free free Palestine …well done to the soldiers fighting back…🤲✊💪


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