Gravitas: Israel hosts 4 Arab ministers in unprecedented summit

Israel hosted foreign ministers from the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco and the US at a desert retreat in the Negev. Will the summit begin a new era in Arab-Israel relations? Is America’s dominance in West Asia coming to an end? Palki Sharma tells you.

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Comment (28)

  1. When they use aggression against the world it was ok but now they are getting a push back they are complaining

  2. If other Arab nations abandon Palestine to support Israel against Iran or simply to recognise the reality of Israel's permanence, the resulting lack of political support may persuade Palestinian ''freedom fighters'' that inviting Israeli retaliation for rocket attacks from Gaza is no longer in the best interests of the Palestinian people.
    Invariably, once the shooting stops, wiser heads prevail, unless some power-hungry demagogue is allowed to promote violence. The Gaza Border Wall could then follow the Berlin Wall into the dustbin of history.

  3. There will be no real peace while Palestine/ Al Aqsa mosque is still under occupation, these are puppets who are not with their masses

  4. Israel and America knows those 4 arab countries are ruled by dictators and monarchy who looking after their own interest. The Arab public are against occupation of Palestine and not happy with normalization of Israel. America and israel fought wars in middleast in order to prevent population retaking their countries from dictatorship.

  5. Israel 🇮🇱 want it cakewalked cake 🎂for oftentimes . they have social media network on their side.
    jew people have better PR 🤥😩🤑MORE welfare 🇺🇸 money 💰💴💵💷💴8 billions.

  6. Why are you indians worried about this topic? I for a fact watched people in mumbai shit in the middle of the street and not clean up after themselves. How can you act on the global lelvel when in fact you cant even wipe your ass and be clean for the rest of the day.
    I have 1 thing to say to the indians that want to take a stage at the global level. Stop acting like the dalits are sub human and give everyone equal rights.
    Please for the love of god and humanity stop shitting in the middle of the streets and not cleaning it.

  7. But of course Israel has nuclear weapons. And it has used that as a "last resort" threat against Arabs for decades. Now they fear Iran might do the same? Laughable one-sidedness. A nuclear Iran might restrain the Israeli apartheid regime and its ongoing human rights and criminal abuses and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

  8. Wow! The prophecy is coming into completion! Arabs will form a coalition with Sons of Byzantine empire and fight a third party. 🤔 Things are going to become interesting! 🤩

  9. Arab states are hypocrites…. They're the whole reason for the existence of Israel with the aiding in destructive of The Caliphate, all over Arab nationalism…. They're gonna reap the wrath of The God!

  10. Then a few isis people shoot and stab random shoppers and drivers because of this progressive summit .. They are called ‘ brave’. YouTube better start banning all accounts that say that in response to be attakcs

  11. Ofc usa wont send troops.. they wanna semd drones and rockets.. but they cant be first to do that. They are the protector, never the aggresor

  12. ALL Arabs nations/ people have great anger and hatred against Israel and they are extremely happy to shake their hands with Iran to end Israel!!

    The ones who met with Israelis have prostituted themselves very cheap for it! And they will sleep with anyone who pays them regardless!!

  13. The truth is , do you even believe anything the USA says . Millions dead , shattered infrastructures & millions displaced with nations throttled & forced to trade in a crumbling Dollar.


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