Gravitas: Israeli govt headed for collapse?

Is Israel’s govt headed for collapse? After weeks of violence, a key coalition partner
is threatening to quit. Where does that leave Naftali Bennett? Molly Gambhir brings you a report.

#Israel #Bennett #Gravitas

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Comment (39)

  1. Hasbara trolls talking tough with my taxes and our soldiers again… Israel the gutless wonder of the world !! Without AIPAC the Zionists are finished tomorrow and they know it !! No more wars in the Middle East in the name of Zionism and their blood thirsty quest for a greater Israel !!

  2. Persia has never ever interfered in others Olivia’s
    As for ezrael, it wants to annihilate each & single Palestinian
    Next shall come the expelling of Christians
    Don’t go near Persia & you won’t hear a word from them.

  3. The nation of Israel need Netanyahu back right now is very crucial!!!!🇮🇱👍🇮🇱💪💪💪💪💪💪

  4. I wish every country to be stable and peace… isreal has gone through alot through the history, palestine on the other hand has suffered alot too. But looking for a solution the works for both should be the priority, any action that harms on oneside will not be acceptable. Lets pray for isreal and palestine for their stability and prosperious. Voilence never turns any situation into a heaven it only worsens things and prolongs the solution. Plz lets undrestand this and think for every soul in this world as one in our households. Lets be their brothers and sisters keepers. We are one race at the end of the day "human"

  5. It’s not a surprise , it was just a matter of time until it happens it was easy to predict that this is going to happened,. Bibi knew how to navigate the best thru these difficult challenges. But they got blinded by the power grab …. Representing Israeli government and it’s people interest ,internal and on international stage, that is the highest responsibility that any Israeli government has… that job is not for kids,Bibi has the key. People just wanted to experience something new i guess. And……. There you have it.

  6. It's not a mosque but a terrorists base for storing weapons and thousands of stone to attack the police, soldiers and innocents Jews praying down below!

  7. Benneto the clueless thought empowering pro terror MK Arabs in the government with the power and influence to make decisions will make the fakestinians happy and all will be well, in fact he emboldened these blood thirsty bastards!

  8. Was a good follower of Wion until now. Now unsubscribing after knowing the dumbness and intervieing a mslm that they started stone pelting due to Army. Such low knowledge is not good for enriching our knowledge. Please see Kashmir stone peltors, please see Bengal, Bangladesh, Delhi, Bangalore stone pelting riot, Hanuman and Ramnavami stone peltors and goes on and on… If you still do not understand, even if have done Phd, it's just a paper to get a job

  9. The Prophet Benjamin Netanyahu, shall be repositioned into his rightful position as King (prime minister)over ISRAEL, ISRAEL IS FOREVER!!!!

  10. That’s why the world don’t let Iran to have nuclear powers, they’re no good to have it, so cocky terorist, if they have it they’ll use it, they don’t know how to keep peace!!!!!

  11. The world largely suffers more due to religion than any other agenda. I think the world would be a more peaceful place without religion

  12. Ariel Sharon made the same mistake, therefore this was a conscious decision and not a mistake anymore.

  13. The president of Iran got it right 💯 percent right May Almighty Allah bless him and the people of lran with success and victory over evil Israel any any other nation that comes against them.

  14. Nice to see the results of what Obama and his trolls did to the elections in Israel. Only took 10 years for the democommies to attack Israel from within.

  15. Iran is not an "Arab state" as you misstated. Iran is a Muslim state. In WION's efforts to be balanced it may be fair to remember last Ramadan when Israeli forces invaded a mosque and began evicting Muslims from one of Palestine's most established neighborhoods. In fairness, we need also to remember Zionists' history of crossing into Iran to assassinate scientists and others working within their own borders.


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