Gravitas: Israelis & Palestinians clash at Jerusalem's holy site

Violence broke out at Al Aqsa Mosque on the first day of the rare convergence of 3 festivals – Ramzan, Easter & Passover. The 3-hour-long clashes between Palestinians & Israeli police left over 150 injured & hundreds arrested. Molly Gambhir tells you what happened.

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Comment (28)

  1. keep hearing about this al aksa mosque? always a hotbed of problems. Israel might as well demolish that mosque and build another one for the Muslims somewhere else. then the Jews and Christians can have a peacefull Good Friday, and the Muslims can have a peacefull Ramdhan.

  2. I think UN should destroy the controversial religious building and at place build a hospital or school where everyone get treated or get education.. thats the only solution to stop this madness

  3. I was almost swayed away by someone to convert and become part of one of the "most peaceful community of the world". Thank God I got back to my senses at the right time and did not convert.

  4. This Ramadan holy month of stone pelting from India to Israel to Sweden divided by borders united by pelting stones pissfuls everywhere. Why the same community has problem with every others?? Their book gave them free hand to violence and they believe their book is above law✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  5. الله ينصركم على القوم الظالمين .. May time come to put a stop to the brutality of the Israeli police/ government/ and their supporters from the Israeli people who took over the Palestinian lands and homes

  6. We orthodox christians know what islam is mass genocide and slavery i am from balkan never trust islam they kidnaped newborn kids from christains family and tech them to be muslims and hate Christians thats why so many white turk.

  7. Jihadis in India – dont celebrate pagan festivals else we will pelt stones.
    Jihadis in palestine – we will not let you celebrate and pelt stones.

  8. Imam al-Shafi’i remarked, “There is a verse in the Quran that every wrongdoer should be terrified of.” He was asked, “Which verse is that?” He replied, “‘And your Lord never forgets.’”
    [Surah Maryam; 64]

  9. Unsubscribe Wion. I will post in social media to stop watching this channel because it's taking the side of Israeli crime, Human right violation.

  10. Take back Temple mount !!! Wipe out all Islamic Jihadis from Temple mount and demolish those 2 pagan mosques !!

  11. Islam kills in Israel but it is a religion of peace. Islam kills in Pakistan but it is a religion of peace. Islam kills in Turkey but but is a religion of peace. Islam kills in India but it is a religion of peace. Islam kills in the West but it is a religion of peace. The problem in the world is Islamophobia, we have oppressed Muslims too much but all they want is peace peace peace everywhere.

  12. Why use Ramadan to cause chaos against other religions. If we don’t have the guts to expose those violent elements within the religion, the religion will not be believed by others

  13. Forgot to mention that the place where Israeli is so called guarding is Palestinian terrioritys and Israel has no power over those place its a occupied terriority

  14. They forgot that Jews who came to pry at the holy mountain in buses had stones and giant rocks thrown at them by “peaceful Palestinians “ that came to “pry”

    Those Palestinians throw rocks at innocent Christian and Jews bystanders who prayed and when the security came to stop them because children and elders got badly hurt by stones hitting their heads , the Palestinians took refuge in their Al aqsa holy mosque all while still throwing rocks at the innocent people trying to pry from the Al akqsa mosque
    Forcing security to enter the mosque to stop the live stoning of innocent people who tried to pry there!

    They don’t even respect their own mosque themselves!

  15. “The Palestinians were innocent civilians!”

    The Palestinians:
    Stabbed a father of 5 to death on the streets for no reason with a kitchen knife
    Stoning to almost death innocent Jews prying in temple mountain while screaming “death to all the enemies of Islam”
    And the last one attacked innocent people who used the buses in order to pry in their holy day “for Al aqsa”


  16. Israel ko na peche hatne ki zarorat hai na kam zulm rokne ki . Israel ko six day war yad rakhni chahiye . Us waqt kya tha Israel ke pas aur woh jeet gya . Bennett aur shayad Aviv ghabra sakte hain lekin agar is jung jo ho sakti hai mein Israel jeet gya to musalmanon ka honsla kam ho jae ga . To Israel ka jitna bhi nuksan ho faeda Israel ko bohat ho ga .


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