Gravitas: Japan says Russia has "illegally occupied" disputed islands

A decades-long territorial dispute between Japan and Russia has been reignited. Tokyo claims Russia has “illegally occupied” four disputed islands. Molly Gambhir tells you more.

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Comment (42)

  1. Shame to japanese government. They are just puppets on US hands, they don't even know historical facts.
    I love Japan, I like anime and merchandise, I like their food, but their politics is a shame for this Great Country.

  2. These Japanese were the most brutal those days, even more than Nazis. The Nanking rapes and massacres were so shocking that a Nazi SS officer saved thousands of lives. Thanks to the Americans who taught them culture and etiquette for over 70 years. And now they are raising the issues of these islands meaning Russia should go back to those times and open up some undisclosed files, which will even affect the whole world again.

  3. When presented an opportunity to take action you either act or cower down like a cuck. Take your islands back while you can. Waiting another 60 years is not the honorable thing to do.

  4. Give back all the countries in all the islands you took away from China then then start talking oh you s*** you want you stole all the islands from China I'm China so don't come talking s*** to Russia Japan you have no rights you lost your rights a long time ago just like a criminal loses its rights when it goes to jail so don't play with Russia cause Russia won't crush you and China will be right behind them 2 if I was Russia for you sending weapons to Ukraine I would turn around I rent these islands to China so they could put the military on those borders

  5. Russia rent those islands islands to China they deserve it they deserve to be on that part of the ocean they deserve to have a place to fight Japan Japan Japan has been pushing China around for too many years like the Americans have been pushing Russia around it's time for China to rent This islands of Russia this islands belong to Russia they wanna save Russia and evolutionary and if nuclear war has to start causing it Let it be

  6. Russia should have joint development projects together with China in the 4 occupied islands in order to irritate and annoy the Japanese. Should the need arise, Russia can also allow Chinese PLA forces to set up bases in the 4 Islands in order to irritate the Japanese and Americans further.
    Since the Anglo Saxons like to be mischievous, Russia and China can play the same game too.

  7. Japan has yet to pay for the atrocities its committed. May God make them recieve their punishment in haste.

  8. Japan shouldn’t have sanctioned Russia. You don’t play with fire, especially when you don’t have your own military.

  9. Japan should conduct a special military operation in the Kuril Islands, to so liberate them . It clearly has history in Japan so it belongs to them

  10. I think the curl islands belongs to Russia if and only if Japan takes them back us will deploy troops and surround Russia completely

  11. There is a US military base in Japan. So USA wants to secure their military base and the Pacific Ocean from Russia. So US government is using Japan to take back the islands for the safety of the US military base based in Japan And control of the Pacific Ocean on US interest.

  12. Japan is not a Ukraine,Russia don’t even know how powerful is japan 🇯🇵 these days !!
    For sure Russia need 🔫,

  13. Japan and south korea should be a part of North America continent. This two countries are nothing less than a vessel state of America despite being the most advanced countries in Asia but can't even make a damn decisions without asking their masters when it comes to international politics


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