Gravitas LIVE: A new prime minister in Pakistan | Sharif's word of advice for PM Modi | Palki Sharma

Watch Gravitas Live with Palki Sharma Upadhyay

– Pakistan gets new prime minister
– France Election: Macron v/s Le Pen
– Israel-Palestine tensions
– Modi-Biden meet
– Putin appoints new general for Ukraine war

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Comment (29)

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  2. U people are with closed mind..u r relying on China which is an opportunistic country..soon u will realize where u r upto

  3. Pakistan current govt. Is copy cating or game plan of Joe Biden, How he got in power…….copy is easy for sons of jinns.

  4. What is? She is speaking English but when we listen to pakistan people they assume we speak indian? Not even subtile!!

  5. WION must show INDIA S PARLIAMENT AND the Circus that it IS . They suffer from Pakistani and China OBSESSION , This is sign of INFERIORITY.

  6. Pakistan's any speech be like:- India…yahudi…saazish…china…foreign countries…inshallah…democracy(😂😂)…India

  7. If China invades Taiwan the whole world will turn against China-Russia and India will be left out in the cold with China as an enemy and the US not so keen to give a sh….if India has trouble with them. Where is India going with this? China-Russia utterly lack the infrastructure to be colonial powers, Russia cannot even control Ukraine as we see. If China shows naked aggression by invading Taiwan then the liberal class in the EU and US will boycott Chinese products. It's inevitable. China is tolerated because they are not overtly militaristic., if they become so they will be held to a different standard entirely, China has no idea about this. EU and US have 400 years of violent warfare as our history, while we are slow to anger we are by no means amateurs or naive when open war appears.
    If the west decides to boycott a country, they go broke. That is war! Total.

  8. Instead of worrying about Kashmir PM Shehbaz should focus on the betterment of the people of Pakistan,
    Who dnt even have proper supplies of water, food or electricity, how can u promise all these basic things to Kashmir at the time when ur ppl are having scarcity of daily supplies.


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