Gravitas LIVE | Afghanistan: 7 explosions in a week | ISIS-K intensifies bombings | WION

Gravitas LIVE | Afghanistan: 7 explosions in a week | ISIS-K intensifies bombings | WION

– 7 explosions in a week: The growing terror threat from Afghanistan
– More Sri Lankans flee to India
– Boris Johnson’s India visit
– West hiding Russian oil purchases?
– Fresh clashes at Al-Aqsa mosque

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Comment (23)

  1. this belongs to obama and biden picking up whare they left off so sad god bless these poor afghanistans awful shame on us u s a you guys can omar

  2. Imran Khan should not forget that his government like all the earlier governments in Pakistan are democratically elected by the Army of Pakistan and will of the people don't matter

  3. US and European's are idiots , they need Russian oil for their economic stability. And they are trying to manipulate India on oil purchase.. 😂😂👍👍

  4. *A Military plane carrying aid to Ukraine wanted Transit service in India
    *Since, Japan used a Military transport aircraft, India was cautious that's a wrong message to Russia should not be shown
    *This looked like a Military aid from Japan rather than civilian aid
    *So, India didn't permit the landing of Japanese Military Transport Aircraft & made it clear that only Civilian aircraft carrying aid can only access Indian Transit Service
    *Indian Media needs to work proactively to prevent the Misled-narrative of India denying aid to Ukraine ie, indirectly helping Russia
    *India has always maintained Neutrality & doesn't want itself in any controversy
    *Indian Media Houses can play a major role to avoid this False narrative to spread in Global Community

  5. Will the E-Ve's for India be made of cobalt mined out of DR Congo, Africa? I am horrified that child labor wI would stoop to this level of evil' children young as 6 work all day to receive less than a dollar a day. This cobalt mined are used by corporations that gain trillions of dollars world wide and is totally build on the back or death of a young Congo child, horrifying in this day and age. But, then America sells 164 countries weapons, which to me…insanity, greed, corruption, it seems US Congress is not always aware of each sale. There is so much more, but these two major concern and issue,

  6. Loved the JOMO>FOMO segment. Kudos to the WION backroom team. Molly had big shoes to fill. Palki may have created the brand that is WION… Its face. But with each passing day Molly is growing more and more confident into this role which Palki had made her own. This is a very healthy sign for WION's future. Keep up the good work…

  7. This is the greatest display of the Chines resign build and road initiative….. and yet with such a great view the solomon island is still learning nothing and signing and agreement pack with them, so are they plain stupid or insolent and are willing their country to die like Shri Lanka just so that a few of them could be rich…… so greedy??? They never do learn its really sad for the people who will be sufferings under stupid leadership who are too blind to look beyond their own greed

  8. Your last advice is a gem!
    Yes, the misery that most people feel germinated in their own stupid minds. If only they realized!

  9. America gave them 85 billion dollars in military equipment an the world still allows BIDEN to be world leader WOW


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