Gravitas LIVE: Biden doubting India's democratic credentials? How should India see Biden's comments?

Gravitas LIVE: Biden doubting India’s democratic credentials? How should India see Biden’s comments?

– Biden’s “Problems” with Indian democracy
– Taliban warns Pakistan
– Shanghai: Residents “Caged” inside their homes
– Macron re-elected: the road ahead
– Why Saudi royals are selling their assets

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Comment (20)

  1. When countries don't play ball and resists the string pulling, they talk of problems and then do their best to create them

  2. India must be careful as the americans will want to change the goverment soon. India should look at any opposition or ever goverment people doing things against the goverment. Be prepared for such american tactics.

  3. Australia is angry bec. King solomon island have pact with china. This is endangering security of russia. Isnt it that is the case of ukraine and russia. U hypocrite.

  4. Biden does not speak for all Americans; and frankly represents a small minority of Americans. Also last we checked systemic Racism was being checked, and wasn't 'rampant.' Molly just panders; she needs to go. Where is Palki WION?

  5. Of course India has a whole slew of problems. It's not quite a democracy, no matter how often you keep talking about being the 'largest democracy'. India doesn't have free speech, freedom to worship whoever, freedom of the press, equality for all etc. India is lacking in all these requirements.

  6. The US works on a transactional basis. Friendship or family is irrelevant to the Americans. That said, there isn't a democracy in the world that doesn't have problems. I'm Canadian and we certainly have our own issues

  7. In my humble view I think your analysis not correct. what Biden meant was that India even though a democracy has to align with autocratic Russia because of it's historical relationship over years for arms purchase
    it had said to do with Indian democracy

  8. If you put all the major players on the table who do you want on your side is the real question. The only way true positive change can ever occur on a global level will not be accomplished by one country alone. It will take many countries supporting each other. Setting back and not contributing while judging is not the answer either. Such a coalition will resemble a dysfunctional family at times but the root of the relationship will be solid and in place. Agreement #1 should be under no circumstances can a country invade another country while inflicting crimes against humanity. 2nd a trading alliance with all the countries involved is created and is isolated to the group. Thirdly all countries will support each against any aggressive behavior of a neighboring country. Lets use history not to determine who we should hate but to "not" make the same mistakes over and over again. The new generation is counting on us not to distroy the planet.


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