Gravitas LIVE: Elon Musk buys Twitter | Controversial billionaire takes over platform | WION

Gravitas LIVE: Elon Musk buys Twitter | Controversial billionaire takes over platform | WION

– Elon Musk buys Twitter: What does it mean for free speech
– Britain’s controversial anti-terror program
– U.S. Religious freedom report brackets India with Afghanistan, China & Saudi Arabia
– India university regulator to students: Don’t go to Pakistan

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Comment (26)

  1. It is the same problem with Ukraine and Russia. Why Australia worry about it? If you worries about China why Russian can't worry about Ukraine?

  2. Enough with the simp comments. It is really disgusting. Value the knowledge and view points, not the beauty. This is a news channel, show some respect to the news caster.

  3. What part of “the algorithm will be public” are the media so tone deaf about?
    How can he amplify anything or influence to sway away negativity toward him or his company if you can literally see all that’s being done. Open algorithm is identical to blockchain.

    IT ‘S PUBLIC!!!! Damn media can be frustrating when they pretend to be deaf and blind.

  4. See how fast the US is agitated by China in Solomon Island. And yet, this same west wants Russia to do nothing about Ukraine joining NATO

  5. I am an American citizen and in the most part I agree the US should spend more time, money and concern on the issues within it's own borders. The US government has fallen to the will of the purse and is tied to the Military complex to a disturbing level. That being the case I would not want to live anywhere else. I believe in the idea of what America could be, if we embraced the ideas the country was founded on. The US government is full of hypocrisy and so are many others. Countries in general don't want to admit their dirty deeds, the difference is the US points them out while ignoring their own.

  6. Twitter became a major company because they promised free speech and as such was protected from lawsuits by the US government as long as they gave everyone a voice. Twitter has been controversial for more than a decade because people on the far left who can't defend their views took over the company and allow some people to say and do anything they want while others get banned for saying little or nothing. At least 5 times in the past 6 years they've had to testify to Congress as to why they don't allow free speech to anyone on the right or any Christian to speak openly of their beliefs even to other christians. Imagine a company who won't allow a former leader and possible future leader of their own country to share their thoughts, while allowing known criminals and terrorists to say anything, no matter how hateful! If something wasn't done quickly, Twitter's government protection would be removed and twitter could be sued for what was being said on their platforms. Musk is literally the last chance Twitter has not to be sued to death. For Musk, I think maybe he hoped they wouldn't allow him to buy the company so that he could sue the and make more money in the deal quicker and Twitter would cease to exist.
    Facebook was started the day after a similar company closed shop because it had gotten out that it was being run by the CIA. The day after, Facebook started and all the upper management from the suspected CIA company allegedly were working in the upper management of Facebook. And they DO have a political agenda detrimental to freedom. Both of these tech companies and others have been brought before Congress to explain their tampering and deceits. They will be shutting down in the foreseeable future as well, and opened to lawsuits. I used to believe you were a good source of uncorrupted info. But somebody seems to be bringing you duffle bags of money to tell you what to say and how to say it.

  7. Why can Washington Post and Facebook be owned by singular thinking billionaires, and not a free thinking one?

  8. irony! You say MUSK Owning Twitter may be a problem as he can influence it but ZEE and Sudhir can't influence you? If you have specific agenda atleast don't act unbiased

  9. Twitter has been a disgrace. Morally illegal in God´s eyes. Very dangerous as Twitter has promoted NWO and global government strives.


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