Gravitas LIVE | Imran Khan vs the Army | Imran: Nukes not safe under Shehbaz | WION

Gravitas LIVE | Imran Khan vs the Army | Imran: Nukes not safe under Shehbaz | WION

– Pakistan political drama: More twists and turns
– Sri Lanka economic crisis
– UK to send asylum-seekers to Rwanda
– Israel-Palestine tensions: Over 150 injured in clashes
– Elon musk’s hostile bid to take over Twitter

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Comment (32)

  1. Columbo must take the money out of the politicians' accounts. As well as take over their lands and goods, at home and abroad 🙏

  2. any country that think what Britain is doing with immigrants/refuges, illegal immigrants, is wrong , THEN let them step up-& them take them to their counties then.(problem solved)

  3. I don't understand this! If the Army Chief is more in charge then the PM, then let the Chief be the PM! I always thought the head of the military's is under the PM and Presidents in a Country!

  4. disgusting kicking people out of their home, you certainly wont see any government official giving up their homes!

  5. Education authority recognized full naming of all war coalition dominance against each other rather than in getting against being as two apposing groups against militate A proposing plans .

  6. I believe Army will take over. Expect BAJWA to take over or another General will depose BAJWA and take over. Politicians can never rule in Pakistan, so a Musharraf-type coup is expected, with China taking over Pakistan's real estate.

  7. Guys don't be too judgemental and like kinder kids. Wion channel presenting ethical journalism. Palki, Molly and Sharma all doing great. Just watch and listen to the content rather crying like babies I want P or M or S. Grow up guys.

  8. We have a big problem with that in the United States. People illegally crossing the borders and coming to the United States looking for a change from the country they're leaving. The big problem is they get here and they wanted change this country to be like the countries are leaving. They have tried to turn the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area into little Somalia they've turned Miami-Dade into little Cuba it's crazy. The Border region with Mexico they've turned into a drug field gang area. MS-13 out of El Salvador has destroyed the inner cities in our country. We now have so many people that refuse to work living on the sidewalks up and down the West Coast waiting for handouts right next to help wanted sign. We have the lowest unemployment we've had in decades and yet we still have people living on the sidewalk because they expect the government to give them something this is something that was imported into our country from a belief system of people that think the government should take care of them. I do not Blaine do United Kingdom for trying to get rid of this disease out of their country. I know that seems rough but the last time I remember in our country that we Face tyranny the American people took up arms and drove them back out that's what these Asylum Seekers need to do. You overthrow your country if the country's not the way you want it. We need to arm the Asylum Seekers and send them back to their country to get rid of their dictators

  9. Don't you think the migrants from Muslim countries would be more comfortable in Muslim countries? The UK's a Christian country Rwanda is a Muslim country if I remember right

  10. That's not what's causing inflation. Inflation is caused by these governments printing money. The United States is put 3 trillion dollars in into circulation. We gave away money to businesses to everybody and now there's spending that money causing inflation. The United States keeps putting off the pain of a depression-era time. We need to let our system balance itself out and not bail anybody out. If we let it collapse it could be over in 7 to 8 years but now we keep kicking the can down the road and it's going to just be worse when it happens. The only way we can reset the world's monetary system is by going back to a gold standard are silver standard our wheat standard where our money is backed by something other than Fiat currencies

  11. Ok I like her. She’s cool. They just need to give her more camera time and she’ll be a favorite. Palki will be back guys. She still does gravitas plus on the weekends which I love cause I learn so much from those small segments palki does


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