Gravitas LIVE | Nawaz Sharif to return to Pakistan? | WION

Gravitas LIVE | Nawaz Sharif to return to Pakistan? | WION

– Imran Khan’s lawmakers quit from parliament
– What Sri Lanka wants from IMF
– Cop fatally shoots black man: Time for America to look within?
– “Partygate” haunts Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak
– Elon musk wants to buy Twitter

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Comment (46)

  1. China 🇨🇳 creates a virus 🦠 America 🇺🇸 funded 💰it and the whole world politicized it🤬

  2. Where did wion get it's information from regarding "white police" shooting " blackman"
    As soon as you start using blackman and white police, you discredit your self.

  3. Elon Musk you don’t have to buy Twitter I’ll steal it for you I’ll give it to you for free🤔😁

  4. This is not about black and white. You seem to see everything through the lens of black and white. It's about people respecting the law.
    You bringing hearsay and reporting as news. Verify first. Use journalism 101

  5. So this channel now goes with their narratives against law enforcement in the U.S? I still like this channel except this portion…let the judicial system take its course rather than saying the officer is guilty. Don’t prejudge Gravitas…you’re better than this.

  6. The most important right of a human being is the right to LIVE. US instead has given to its citizens the opportunity of violating this basic human right by giving the right to own lethal firearms.

  7. Ping Pong diplomacy with China under Nixon/Kissinger and now Imran is trying Cricket diplomacy and Politics.

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  9. Got jobs Saudi Arabia. That's the way 50% of America used Biden and Camellia Harris. Now the only thing that would be better or is good is that if you let the Comedians and Saudi Arabia get up and do that about the king of Saudi Arabia. Let freedom of speech happened in Saudi Arabia without fear of repercussions because of a little humor

  10. All those asking where is palki?
    Since this episode was presented by Molly. Palki was away from work (perhaps on leave)
    If she is back we all will be able to watch her present future News episodes at 9:00 PM IST everyday

  11. I'm glad to see you reporting on the Russian rates of the people in the Ukraine. Let's get together as a world and punish those for these war crimes including their leader let's not say leader let's call it what it is dictator

  12. Brown was shot as he was going for the shotgun in the police car. Video evidence. Flyod should not have happened but it WAS policy the way he was handled. If he had not had enough Fyntenal in his system to kill him by itself, he would not have died…again, proven in court by independent investigation. All that said, I would be very happy if we quit poking into other nations and just let them sink or swim based on their own efforts. Of course if that happened then everyone would be bitching about how the US has a duty.

  13. When Zelensky asked Civilians to take weapons, what he wanted!?!??
    Should Armed Ukrainian be considered as soldier or Civilian??
    Who is responsible for his death!?!

  14. Must take a no confident vote, also seized all Rajapaksas wealth from the two thieves brothers and all there families.

  15. news anchor Pakli Sharma presentation/commentary/analysis are most vivid without any uh/ah/um like US media anchors. Great girl..

  16. 22:10 Officer concerned under investigation? i think when people start shooting up stations it wont matter who is innocent or who is not…. not good where this is heading

  17. Shame on WION TONIGHT!

    All the shootings you reported on WERE IN SELF-DEFENSE! A Cop’s Job does NOT INCLUDE giving the CRIMINALS THE OPPORTUNITY or RIGHT TO KILL THE COPS!

  18. Asov Battalion of Ukraine tie the hands behind the backs, and raped , killed a woman in Mariupol
    So, at the very least it's both sides
    But I'm saying Ukraine
    There are 2 Ukraine forces
    Ukraine Nazis and Ukraine pro-Russian

    It's been a civil war for 7 years !! Where were you?

  19. You are the most racist news channel I have ever seen.white police officer shot black man.what about the racist problem in your country?north eastern people?

  20. It is shameful.
    It is a blatant violation of use of common sense when someone compares law & order situation of India with USA.
    In case of law & order situation India is a big heap of cow dung and USA is a full moon.
    This anchor is lacking common sense.
    How does she dare to compare USA with India?
    What is going on in India right now?
    The BJP/RSS administration of Modi is promoting hooliganism in the country.
    There is a gross violation of human rights in India.
    This kind of violation of violation is unimaginable in USA.
    USA is a heaven and India is a HELL.
    This anchor has no idea about USA that's why she dared to compare India with USA.
    The USA is a country of law & order and India is a country of jungle Raj.
    I am not saying that there is no crime in India.
    The crime happens in USA but the legal system always prosecutes and punishes the perpetrators.
    In comparison to India you can say the USA is almost crime free.
    India is a country of endless crimes.
    The administration is standing with the criminals almost all of the time.
    Particularly the law & order condition of India has drastically collapsed after 2014.


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