Gravitas LIVE: Pakistan on brink of civil war? | Imran Khan threatens to paralyse Pakistan | WION

Gravitas LIVE: Pakistan on brink of civil war? | Imran Khan threatens to paralyse Pakistan | WION

– Pakistan on brink of civil war?
– Ilhan Omar heads to Pakistan
– Sri Lanka economic crisis
– China signs security pact with Solomon islands
– France election: Le Pen tones down ‘hijab ban’ rhetoric

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Comment (47)

  1. Do not ever try to deny that the US and its vile and incessant manipulation of World politics is totally responsible for the situation in Pakistan. The US decided to get rid of Khan and thats what it did. I am from UK and am in a position to know just how vicious the US/UK collaboration realy is.

  2. CRUELTY IN THE WORLD NOW: Russia is doing cruelty in Ukrane, India is doing cruelty in Kashmir, Israel is doing cruelty in Gaza and Jerusalem.

  3. CRUELTY IN THE WORLD NOW: Russia is doing cruelty in Ukrane, India is doing cruelty in Kashmir, Israel is doing cruelty in Gaza and Jerusalem.

  4. CRUELTY IN THE WORLD NOW: Russia is doing cruelty in Ukrane, India is doing cruelty in Kashmir, Israel is doing cruelty in Gaza and Jerusalem.

  5. Wow. What a bunch of ignorant mofo’s. Defending the honor of Mohamed ? They don’t even know he really existed. All religions are full of shit. So many ignorant people on Planet Earth.

  6. Prime Minister Mody should absolutely follow his elected duty to support and represent all Citizens of India 🇮🇳 i think he does a fantastic job in this and represents a huge diversity of Religions in the country of 1.2 million people. And yes after he has served his people ( just as Americans have their own America first policies) he is actually a beacon and real leader – more sovereign leaders must follow in his footsteps too – for too long the world has become biased by America in its favour from which it has profited greatly – it is time for the United Nations to take a much greater active role in world operations rather than it being a USA or China mouth piece – but a truly independent platform where nations are not bullied or coerced in to voting one way or another – but instead genuinely represent their own sovereign nations – however it is sad – when you see heavily subsidised or aide funded countries in the pockets of either US China or Russia who are suckered in to vote in a particular way. Where the courage is – is voting correctly and not to be perverted by money given or money potentially to be given – in street terms we normally call this blackmail or extortion… yet these practices are sadly openly practiced at the highest levels – look at the arm twisting conducted by America over sanctions … as an example – and after sanctions were started – then you got the Russian special operations starting … ?

  7. In that case – what experience does an actor have as a President of a country at war … e.g. President Zelenski . I absolutely agree that political / commercial / legal manufacturing etc experience is necessary especially in the fields that elected people are nominated for these responsible and accountable jobs – for too long people that know absolutely nothing about their ministry’s expert areas are running them . They spend half of their elected period ´learning the job’ that experts in the field have all basics and complexities already understood – which means they are immediately more value adding to that role !

  8. i cant believe Indians are still doing this to them self's fighting over religion-i thought you would know better by now-there outsiders actively trying to destabilise your country come on man fix up india=your all indian at the end of the day

  9. Hi, I am a regular viewer of gravitas with Palki. I don't know why, but your 45 minutes odd streams are not visible in a linear fashion on the search "gravitas". I can't even find all of them. May you please look into it? Probably YouTube bots at Palki's service! As this was not the case in the past before your YouTube banter.

  10. Indians are oppressed with Pakistan.. 68.8% of the Indian population lives on less than $2 a day but they worried about Pakistan lmao


  12. Just see from where her roots are. what else can you expect from this woman. She just wants to be popular in a wrong way.

  13. Elected or selected he(Imraand khan) was PM, they should let him complete him term then they could vote him out if they don't like.!!.

  14. Constitution,-"(Executive)"Propose plans,policy,make day to day decisions,Administer and enforce laws,"-(Legislative)"Make laws , set long term policies,respond to individual and group concerns"-, (Judicial)"interprets existing laws ,policies,apply laws to individual cases .

  15. Lies and/or obfuscation of facts should be addressed by Law as a type of crime instead of just being called
    "willful erroneous rhetoric" –
    A person can say anything but it has to be supported by facts –
    A successful society cannot survive on lies –

  16. This news channel is so biased and point fingers while, they don't cover any news from India 🤣. Cover all the wrong doing to its minority Christians and Muslims, they are all over other news outlets. Beware of many news outlets like Wion spread lies just do your research on Indian news outlets 🤮🤮🤮

  17. Indians think there is such a big deal with how smart you need to be and what kind of status you need in order to qualify for a high position. Stupid fucking way of thinking and doesn't encompass a base reality of the world. The last 6 years of US politics should have taught you that anybody with any type of background can end up in a position of power. You don't need a fucking PHD with 10 years of work experience to qualify as a competent manager that doesn't control and manipulate their underlings.

  18. Good for India if Pakistan goes to civil war though i don't think it will happen. In a worst case scenario army will take over.

  19. Omar is an embarrassment to most of the country.

    She got elected just because people felt sympathy/guilty for thinking prejudice about Hamites (African Horners), she is Muslim, and she is an immigrant. She married her brother to get him citizenship. She has belittled the tragedy of 9/11. Most Americans don't like her, but they are scared of being called racist, Islamiphobic, or xenophobic.

  20. what will it take ilhan omar to speak about black lives in the US or the uyghurs in china for that matter. all this in the name of a prophet… one just need to google his wives zayab and aisha en make their own viewpoint.

  21. Well, sweetheart, does it look like I have holes punched in me with bayonetts and dogs and rats fcking me ?
    You have my permission to show it and me and my location if you wish..

  22. I did just pray that if it was GOD'S Will that it be in progress , that it have begun a short time ago..
    So, identify those bodies as soon as possible so that there may be no mistaken identity at all possible ever again.

  23. Maybe do an investigative piece on her immigration to US. Due to her father being prt of the former Somali Govt she was on list not allowed to emigrate. Ilan Omar used her first husband name to immigrate. While attending univ in BD she civil married her brother while still being married with kids from first marriage. The affair with her current husband that broke up his marriage. A lit to uncover. Don't forget to include her campaign finance misappropriation ethics violations.

  24. 98% is muslim, sharia law is there, the best mullahs r there, so what is d problem pray can anyone answer?


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