Gravitas LIVE with Palki | Assassination plot against Imran Khan? | WION Live

Gravitas LIVE with Palki | Assassination plot against Imran Khan? | WION Live

– Pak oppn says CM Shehbaz will be next PM
– World leaders flock to India
– Decoding the rupee-rouble trade
– ‘Reducing’ AFSPA in North-East India
– Diabetes in South Asia: Legacy of the British raj?

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Comment (44)

  1. Just wanted to highlight that I would get this on top of my recommendation, once the video is released.
    Not anymore, after the Youtube ban fiasco. Now I need to search for it.

  2. India-Paikistan conflict, same as the US-Russia cold war. Situation governed by MAD nuke policy, stalemate. Neither side can really do anything. We have Russian subs off the coast of DC and NYC, LA which can fly a depressed trajectory warhead and vaporize those cities in 20 seconds. US has subs in the Baltic which will take 45 seconds to get an ICBM to Moscow. We have no choice but endless Detente with the Russians. Forever. You Indians need to learn that. Have a longer term plan. You may not like the Paks that much, I now your region, I get it. But they aint going nowhere, and the more you show glee at their problems, undermine them, the more blowback you will have. ISI runs Pak anyway so who cares who the PM is. Like the president in the US it's just a ceremonial position.

  3. Imran is like loki from marvel movie. As Tony says "you pissed off so many and when they come for you. They will come really hard". Imran has pissed off army chief, opposition heads, Saudi arabia, China, USA, taliban and they will have revenge

  4. Iā€™m a big fan of Palki Ji. The efforts you put to bring the news is great. Especially washing off the dirt spread by western journalism.

  5. So concerned about Pakistan, it's fuel hike , political issues,what benefit it gives us??….but no news on continuous price hike in fuel in India.

  6. "Ghabrana Nahin Joker" is fooling people of Bhikharistan under the influence of "Heavy Dose"

  7. India Russia China Pakistan Turkey Brazil South Africa unite against the Western Hegemony.
    This century will see the rise of the East.
    Western Hegemony is coming to an end. āœŠ

  8. Did u cover WION about Bharat pm assasination? NO! Y?

    Sometime supporting humanity will KILL 1000 times more than what u wanted to save.

    DHARMA can only stop further FUTURE deaths every decade

    if u stick to humanity, NO PEACE nor family time, ONLY pay for others benefits, reservation ur hard earned money.

    U earn means u must enjoy the fruit. Not donate to others, while they lust breed, having tones of family members., playing victim card.

    Y humans r taking natural animal/plant/sea habitats?
    ECO system MUST not be desrupted or ELSE in 200-500 yrs human cannibalism will be in market as if its noting….

    LEarn lessons from Mahabharat or Chanakya politics

  9. this is how PM of Pakistan address his nation…..thank god…..our ministers are far better then theirs….expect Rahul Gandhi

  10. She really is the best face for WION
    the most imp. reason I like WION is because she is the spokes person
    Thank you for the quality NEWS

  11. Indian go wrong way now, China never ever forget to fight with Indian to retake some places on the border,

  12. Sorry but with due respect this PM FM team are behaving like 18 yrs old. They thought they pulled off a M Stroke by visiting Russia on the day of Ukraine invasion and rubbed salt on USA and India. The idiots landed in a mess.

  13. No subtitles !
    Even when I do the cc box šŸ™
    I wanted to listen to Imran Kharn's speech out of interest:) Well YouTube I know it's not Wion who's blocking it ! No worries! I'm only 2.59 seconds in Love and peace to all

  14. Another telemovie by imkhan to stay for another episode well done better than shah rukh Khan good job palki Sharma like always šŸ™ā¤ļøā¤ļøšŸ˜


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