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Watch Gravitas LIVE with Palki Sharma Upadhyay

– Day 16 of the Ukraine war
– Has Russia’s air attack failed?
– Has Europe betrayed Ukraine?
– Russia reaches out to India
– Europe’s racism: “Aliens” vs Ukrainian refugees

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Comment (50)

  1. This news report on the treatment of Ukraine by the West is spot on. I have been saying this for over a month now and finally others are catching on. The west is currently using Ukraine to bruise the nose of Putin and Russia…. Their motives? For all the meddling the Russians have been engaged in over the last decade in European and American politics, policies and government business.

  2. Makes me wonder about freedom of press where Wion is concerned. Even considering oil sanction busting in Indias self interest to help enrich India at others expense and having no problem with contributing to enabling Putin. Surprised at Palki's seemingly unbridled nationalism

  3. Racism is about is primarily about race. Culture is quite different.
    Some cultures have a major problem integrating.

  4. Alastair Stewart said India should be ashamed and that's why UK doesn't give india aid. He forgot britishers are responsible for killing uncountable Indians and stole treasure from India

  5. Britishers britishers economy will be finished if they give all the thing and treasure stolen from India

  6. You think if India was in a crisis that we would not taken Indians most Indians are not known to commit terrorist against the country that has taken them in think about that you guys are one-sided

  7. My day is never complete without Palki's news! She and Wion is only the news I believe in. The clarity of her news delivery can easily be understood. More power to you WION and Ms. Palki.

  8. Palki blames NATO for everything but that's easy for country like India who sits back and does nothing !!

  9. You are the best ever news reporter I have seen so far… I like the way you deliver every single news/ messages in a very spectacular way. Amazing you n Thank you👍. Lots of love💕💕❤💕💕

  10. This channel such a shame👎👎👎👎👎 why are u calling wuhan virus.? So delta variant is India virus?

  11. They just can't handle seventy deaths! Our sixty thousand ancestors perished in a few hours on 14 January 1761 in the battlefield of Panipat. It's takes courage to gain freedom and character to preserve it. We Hindus have lots of courage but we need to develop our character before we are drowned in our own blood again.

  12. Zelensky is a chump, he's been led up the garden path by Biden, he should have stayed being a comedian and he wouldn't have got anybody killed

  13. Wion please include reports about the war in Cameroon. The Anglophone crisis is becoming uncontrollable and the dead tole has risen to many thousands. help us make our voices heard.

  14. If you don't like the attitudes of white Europeans and how they divvy out their charity, maybe you should take an honest look at why this is a one way street. It is not racism to acknowledge reality.

  15. NATO with US at its helm is something the West Europe needs but despises, they are forced to continue with this arrangement! Geo politically, Russia will not have adversaries with missiles next door to her. It is an existential threat and she will neutralize the threat by attacking them! Of course any war on the planet would financially benefit US with its major export of arms and armaments! Blood money but money all the same! Palki, your understanding of this complex situation is more than remarkable for someone as an anchor, something one does not see as a quality so often! Salute!

  16. I've been bingeing on Palki's videos for the last 2 days! She is a favourite from her CNN IBN days….but now it seems she has become a global celeb journalist….probably only Indian journalist! Awesome!

  17. European leaders want a war. They desire the money that war brings. It is despicable. Shame on them. Ukraine has been played.

  18. as a american i think my country could be doing more. we need to send troops. we need to encourage nato to have a no fly zone. thankyou palki for your reporting the truth.

  19. NATO is a defensive organization. Putin launched an offensive war in violation of the UN Charter, and LOAC. Further, the Russian military has performed so poorly Putin has humiliated Mother Russia on a world-stage more than America may have done to Russia in its wildest dreams.

  20. organization) who is not a citizen or a national of a specific country,[1][2][3][4] although definitions and terminology differ to some degree depending upon the continent or region of Earth. More generally, however, the term "alien" is perceived as synonymous with foreign national.[5]

  21. USA exports its oil production just so we can import oil from other countries lol reality is stranger than fiction 🙂

  22. Wow Russia must be doing really well if its bring in 40 thousands Syria islamist to fight for them. Show the video where the farmers still Russian tanks with tractors lol

  23. Russia is just incompetent. They wont use air power but they will shell entire city’s. They just kept getting shot outta the sky.

  24. One thing you can depend on Modi to
    do. Talk out of both sides of his mouth.
    He talked shit in Houston when Trump
    was president. Now he seems to have
    changed horses in midstream. Probably
    for discounted oil. I guess you can't expect
    much more from a country whose citizens
    starve to death on the streets.


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