Gravitas LIVE with Palki Sharma: Modi in Europe | In Germany, PM Modi warns about the perils of war

Gravitas LIVE with Palki Sharma: Modi in Europe | In Germany, PM Modi warns about the perils of war

– Modi in Europe
– Narrow escape for Spicejet passengers
– India condemns “Sikh independence day” in the U.S.
– India seizes $725 million of Xiaomi assets
– Pak gets $8 billion Saudi bailout

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Comment (32)

  1. Из книги Ивана Ефремова Таис Афинская:«удила коней звенят о смерти"

  2. It is obvious USA is a war monger, now with this issue of Khalistan these Sikhs dont know that divide and rules is possible then at the mercy of Pakistan! Apna Bharat Mahan, Veer Modi Ji ki Jai!

  3. The USA should reassess its international alliances. No moral compass, and it never made sense that the USA backs Pakistan, at the expense of India.

  4. One thing to always remember. Put humanity before religion. Always stand for human rights ahead of religious rights.

    Hinduism is a lifestyle. Not a religion.

    I am a Hindu Nastik. Hinduism gives me the right to not believe in a creator, but still advices me to treat god fearing humans as I would want them to treat me. As a human!

    Hinduism doesn’t dictate that anyone who is non-Hindu is a Kafir like Islam dictates.

    Hinduism doesn’t dictate that non-Hindus will go to hell. Christianity does.

    Hinduism does not promote the idea of converting non-Hindus to Hinduism. It’s Christianity and Islam that promote the idea of conversion.

    To force a religion on a human is extremely disgusting. It also indicates how incapable the creator you believe in is.

    Imagine being the creator of the universe, but then you need to put out prophets to spread your rules.

  5. This newsreader appears to be very elated about it. Is she a newsreader or a bhakt of RSS?

  6. Could be nice if Modi visited Kijev. You are not economic power, India. Your society is too corrupted. Stepping out of America's shadows Finland and Sweden joined NATO. Who do you want to Fool Palki, as you are a mouthpiece for BJP? Did Modi go there to divide Europe More? You are disgusting !!!!

  7. Palki Ji …is one off the best news presenter May she be blessed with good health and happiness always 🙏🏻 😊

  8. Eastern Europe never backed Soviet Union/Russia but were conquered by them same as Indian Subcontinent by the British

  9. What if the rest of the world finds out the White House is deliberately puting out (Putin Out) a morbid dark comedy show, Biden the current example of the morphine class comfy, to be white house cobweb leadership?

  10. We love PM Modi.Excellent Leader,Very hard working,He has never taken a day off from work and never had holidays since Many many years,He works wherever he goes. He is an Icon and Role Model for the world.

  11. Rumor has it that putina has Gastric cancer and parkinsons. Needs surgery. Hoping the Surgeon butchers Putin, since Putin hates butchers.

  12. India has bought so many tanks and weapons from Russia but look at the rusting hulks destroyed by Ukraine. I'd suggest that India find better friends. If China invades India then you'll need all of the friends that you can find.


  14. Ukraine govt is foolish, they jumped into war w/o fully understanding its consequences. Russia is right in its demand of no-more USA weapons at its doorstep (US is doing same @ Soloman Inland). Why NATO, buy your own weapons, improve your economy and protect yourself. Instead if it would have forged its ties with Russia, it would have benefited both.

    Check the outcome of Pak, it make enemy with India and now it is in shambles, know best as a world terrorist state. Nepal and SriLanka made too much closeness with China and now they are economically suffering.

    Never break ties with your parents, forge ties with world but parent are parents.

  15. India tackle climate change?? R u joking????our rivers turned into a dustbin filled with chemicals hospitals dumping its waste in rivers tho many parts of india lacks drinking water n modi is talking about BS climate change WTF is wrong with this old lair he needs to be electrocuted so his old mind will work properly or else he'll turn India upside down n our rupee is going down from 45-50 to 70-73 since his party came into power also in swiss bank 50% of it's money are deposited from india by who..u all guess..

  16. Very naive to suggest Europe is financing Russia. While it is true that they must pay the contracted prices for the oil and gas these nations require to have economic stability, it is clear they are working to remedy their reliance of Russia oil and gas. So far India has not contributed to solutions for this. It's easy to point the finger, but sitting on the fence and playing the blame game instead of offering real solutions, is only dividing countries at a time we all need to come together.

  17. My God got $8 billion Saudi money………now the shelling on Indian border will start, end of peace-time-holidays for Indian soldiers.

  18. Its a great opportunnity for PM Modi to bring peace to Europe. It should not be about taking sides. It should be about how India could bring the warring factions together and bring the war to an END immediately. That would be India's greatest contribution not only to Europe but the world.


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