Gravitas: Lockdown fears spark panic buying in Beijing

The outrage against Zero Covid in China is growing. Residents of Shanghai are protesting against fencing of their homes. While residents of Beijing have resorted to panic buying after a fresh spike in cases. Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you more.

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Comment (34)

  1. Most of Shanghai's culture, history, and nightlife happens on the other side of the Huangpu River, and many of Shanghai's residents — both local and foreign — regard Pudong as a soulless ghost town.

  2. We often hear about the burgeoning craft beer scene in Beijing and Shanghai — Slowboat brewery, Shanghai brewery, Boxing Cat, and the Brew, for example.

  3. lack of much empathy from Palki for the fate of those Chinese trapped in the burning apartment? I expected otherwise.

  4. The fences are in Xis "Little Red Boo"k and "Common Prosperity," the Chinese Millionaire that called Xi a naked clown was 100% correct.

  5. Based on the official figures there are about 390 million people in India who have received no jabs.

  6. What research to back these claims?Graphene which is toxic to humans was found in Phizer vaccines in Japan when Dr.s examined the vaccine under a microscope, Ivermectin has proven effective against all forms of COVID.

  7. Eat Bat 🦇 soup.
    🇨🇳 Eat Daily.
    🇨🇳 make virus
    🇨🇳 Spread in the world. — Now 😂 virus is coming to its father 🤢🤮🤢🤮

  8. Poor chyna 😭 wants to be superpower, Where they can't even even the people for free, People are frustrated.

  9. How come they don't report on the hundreds of Chinese throwing themselves out of windows? I thought WION was real reporting. But they follow the script like all the rest. Jesus bless you Asian brothers and sisters. I love you all❤🙏👊

  10. india total covid deaths now stands at 523 654 – NDTV News
    at least there is one thing , india is beating China hands down

  11. Madam please do a program on Andhra Pradesh financial situation so that Prime Minister of INDIA can get to know the worst condition of the state and the incresing debt. Thank you in advance 🙏

  12. I hypothesize China knows something about the homegrown virus and its possible variants that rest of the world does not know and that is why it is hell bent upon zero covid. Guess they are scared of

  13. A new Danish study (pre-printed in The Lancet) shows that mRNA vaccines offer no all-cause mortality benefits. Zero. Nada. So, let's list what the vaccines don't do: they don't stop infection or transmission and they don't reduce deaths. Using only RCT trial data from the pharma companies themselves, the pooled results from the mRNA vaccines show no discernible mortality benefit.

  14. Throw china out from UNO. China should be punished by 4o trillion dollar as compensation for victims of virus. Ccp is gang of criminals. Isolate China from global community. CCP is a threat to human civilization.


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