Gravitas | Met Gala 2022: The history, the hits and the misses

Will it even be a Met Gala if it is not bizarre? This year too, the event lived up to its reputation. In attendance were Elon Musk, Hillary Clinton, and the red carpet regulars. Palki sharma brings you a report.

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Comment (48)

  1. Its funny the hate you all have for American ideas but you all scramble at the American embassies in your country just to get an American visa to be able to come here sometimes its surprises me.. knowing that you cry when your visas are not approved to come to the United States.. the question is how many people in the world want to park up their family to go live in the slums called INDIA.

  2. Kim has absolutely nothing (physically ) of Marilyn Monroe. She devalued an icon's outfit.

  3. People going hungry all over America and theyre still doing shit like this…
    "raised $175 million dollars for the metropolitan museum for the arts costume institute" They're not even raising money for the poor! They're raising money for a high fashion museum!

  4. This entire event seems to be the representation of the worst and fakest of humanity. Its fitting that something as noble as charity would be devalued in such a sad and disgusting way.

  5. Most Americans are trying to live on a budget, giving up on many things like vacations etc. due to higher prices/ taxes everywhere we will pay for just to survive because of an Administration of Marxists. I think those who attend are Elitists who run the Country and don't give a thought to the rest of the world or to Americans. Such a crock.

  6. 1910, WOODROW WILSON Vowed to "clean up" New Jersey CORRUPTION: Delaware spied an OPPORTUNITY To "Market" its Anonymous SHELL Companies to FOREIGN "Officials", Growing in STATURE in their "Home Countries!" These "Shell Companies" could NOT be "Tracked" to "Foreign Officials", FLUSH with "ILLICIT WEALTH!" Thru these ANONYMOUS "Shell Companies", the "New York Times" REPORTED, Delaware found a WAY of making EVERYBODY Rich."

  7. Kuchh bullydaw00d/gutarw00d wale drugee bhi jaate hai yaha thodisi PR wali bheek mangne ke liye.

  8. One question: why does everything weird and harmful spread from the USA? I will specify: obesity and GMOs; chemical based medicine; hypocritical politics; weapons; social media; constant social restructuring by artificially creating all kinds of messed up stuff?

  9. These people are in a total disconnect to the reality of the rest of us . They really are revolting , vain and bizarre . In the country I live in 80% of families cant in any way make ends meet. These people literally make me feel sick 丐

  10. It shows how artificial the western society has become.
    Charity event represented like a fashion show, they say something(charity), do something (fashion excercise)

  11. it really is the end of the world it is since 2000 years when jesus first came now is just at its peak, for god 1 thousand years is a second and a second is 1 thousand years! the sign 666 will be keeping sunday as day of worship! you heared me right! the 4th comandement in the ten laws is keep my sabats ,that shall be a sign between me and you, it was refering to the jews, but the bible has 100 precent actuality and 100 precent do as god said no matter the times! the godgiven day of worship the sabath is saturday not sunday! sunday was the first day of the weak, vatican and the popes changed it , claiming they have is autorityn as the pope is god on earth, ruler of heavens earth and hell! now this is the bigest blasphemy somone claiming hes god! the pope already met with all worlds leaders, political-religious-and the 1precent wealthiest people on earth the illuminatis A class luciferian puppets! they met saying they discuss the climate change problem! what happened when jesus was crucified , saying that is better for one man to die than the whole people to be in disagreement, this is text book what will happen these days, youl hear this soon enough,! as inflation and economy, the famens the climate calamities , wile keep growing in intensity, whatever they do it by harpp projects or some ar really god let to happen, as its all predicted in Daniel prophet and apocalypse! the fear the teror the need for a solution will expend, ! all this problems will be blaimed on those who refuse to worship sunday , the sign of the pope, and everything will be blamed on this few people who refuse to bow in front of vatican (sunday)! text book what happened with jesus will happen to those who refuse popes autority who claims he is god, and all this wrath is beacouse this public enemys refuse to listen to him! but lucifer was defeated in heavens, was defeated at the cruce, and will be defeated in the end! for those who understand jesuses died for all sins , and all sinners, no man is reedemed by his deeds but by gods grace, and the holy spirit who strenghtens those who care only about what the bible says , and refuse to worship a man given day! evrything is mad for people to be blind to this: "ego" "music" "brandi love", its all made to sell you a false sense of utopia and comfort, meanwille you neglect this most precious times ever on earth! i cant reply back to anything as youtube deletes my replys most of the times, even if i respond from another acount, pray and have faith , jesus is right next to you, have faith! dont doubt god a second, imma pray for you to, do aswell!

  12. Kim's stunts at the Met with Jay while Kanye sits at home hoping another sex tape doesnt drop.

  13. Gala! What a joke! People are struggling to keep gas in their cars to get to work and put food on the table! THIS IS DISGUSTING!

  14. Now the whole world hate more on Kim Kardashian..she is really nonsense. I'm very glad blackpink not coming to this nonsense fashion show..really degrading.


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