Gravitas: Mexico's Obrador wins historic referendum

Which leader asks citizens to vote him out?
Mexico’s President Lopez Obrador just did.
Obrador held a referendum, asking Mexicans whether he, the President, should step down.
What was the result?
Palki Sharma Upadhyay brings you a report.

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Comment (29)

  1. I'm glad that WION took notice of this event in my country but the lecture of it is very superficial and there's no real context of the implications this will bring to Mexico.

  2. You cannot weed out corruption in a single presidential term, especially the deeply rooted corruption former political parties had accustomed the country to. This time around the people have spoken and it is clear they are willing to re-elect Obrador given the opportunity, it’s that simple.

  3. AMLO the Mexican president who has the second highest approval rating in the world only behind Narendra Modi of India. That's why he won the referendum

  4. This will also smack any idea of regime change in Mexico. He has proven that the people choose him. This makes lots of sense because America just harassed India for being neutral and will harass Mexico for being neutral too.

  5. The info in this video, has failed to report many things, that Obrador has accomplished,. And that's the reason why we Mexicans love him.. 🇲🇽

  6. The referendum did not cost a lot, what happens in Mexico is that INE (Institute National Electoral) are not exactly clear on their spending

  7. This Chanel doesn’t show all the infraestructura he is building or the social programs he create. Very manipulative messages.

  8. This Chanel try to depreciate the value of Mexican President…insinuating that he try to be re-elected and this is far of the reality .

  9. This video lies when they say AMLO failed to deliver! He has kept more than 90 of the 100 promises he made during his campaign. The violence in México has been growing for decades and NOW he has managed to slow down the climb and we begin to see a decline in murders. Please don’t spread the lies and manipulations of the rancid right of México and the world! Viva AMLO! All my love to our brothers and sisters all over the world. 🌎

  10. 🇲🇽-President Obrado of Mexico City and
    drug cartels control the rest.
    Corruption and the Rule of Law have
    been for sale in 🇲🇽 for a century

  11. Gravitas I respect you you are so very straight forward but you definitely got this 1 wrong saying he failed he’s the best president we had

  12. Thank God 🙏. Why was there no referendum during the narco mafia presidencies (Nieto y Calderon)???

  13. Not an accurate description of how much the Mexican president has achieved in half of his term and the purpose of this exercise was completely dismissed

  14. This video is bullcrap that president has done a lot for the country that other Mexican presidents didn’t do, and he has given money to the older people, and made Mexico stronger👍🏽

  15. History will witness this old man as a good decent person to Mexicans.
    But Imran Khan as a traitor to his Pakistanis.

  16. This is for Wion ,,, ( Are you, or you pretending to be?….?? , this should be done everywhere , to stop corruption half way in every presidente in every country ,, if they are not doing good the citizens , did you listen!!!! Who are the ones with all the power to vote it you out in the middle of their presidency… and Moo politicians should have more power than the people,, ((((do you get it , or you need more help,,,,,


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