Gravitas: More Sri Lankan Refugees reach India

The economic crisis in Sri Lanka has triggered an exodus. 18 more Sri Lankan refugees have made their way to India. Molly Gambhir gets you the details.

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Comment (31)

  1. Sri Lankan🇱🇰 Navy attacks and killed indian🇮🇳 fishermen, seized their vessels and demanded Rs 1cr bail to release the arrested.

  2. 🤣🇮🇳👉💋Burma Myanmar Buddhists were also itching a lot. Look, today the condition of that country is difficult for only the people of Buddhist religion to live. Similarly in Sri Lanka people went after Muslims. Look at the condition of Sri Lanka today, where Muslims will get along badly, that country will go to Chheda. Next is India's turn. You people have committed atrocities on innocent people, you have made them cry, now look son, you will crave for bread.

  3. Best solution is to lend the island to ELON MUSK for 5 years with open commitments with no conditions, he will be able to make maximum use.
    1. Bring Tesla manufacturing sites
    2. A place to launch space rockets
    3. Factory to manufacture SolarCity panels
    4. Factory to manufacture batteries just to name a few.
    5. He can explore ways to bring not only tourists but best brains to be stationed in the island for manufacturing.
    Musk will have solutions for future generations.
    NB: RAJPAKSHA BROTHERS CAN BE USED AS DUMMIES and send them to outer space where they can't use the stollen money.
    Rajpaksha brothers might try and corrupt the Aliens……..

  4. India needs better Border security as illegal refugees are coming through Myanmar and Bangladesh even today…….Atleast improve the borders that are prone to Illegal migration like the Northeast borders…plz 🙏🙏

  5. All Non Muslim refugees from Sri Lanka are welcome in india !!! We Indians never have the slightest problem with Sri Lankan people, We consider them same as us.

  6. We welcome all refugees. But we must send them back after a certain period of time. We have enough problems as it is.

  7. Its corruption, the leadership have to take responsibility and step down, no amount of IMF bailout can fix corruption.

  8. duck wion_ tamils return their home motherland tamil Nadu, you hindhi people please go to afganistan and Iran where you come from?

  9. 15- 20 years before srilankans wanted Tamilians out of srilanka
    Today Srilanka is seeking refuge in India..🤔🤔🤔🤔.

  10. The Rajyapaksha needs to get an IMF bailout or resign for a new government. India can't keep giving aid and accepting refugees.

  11. Nope, Sri Lankan tamils are not our brothers, they are our neighbours, we should help them and send back home ASAP!

  12. Please no people should be taken accepted from Sri Lanka. These are non tax payers who are no good for India. We already have excess population.

  13. The Peking Duck China is missing where the govt was sucking up. What happened?????? Time to throw the Rajapajsa’s and make them responsible to pay up


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