Gravitas: New chapter in India-Europe ties?

India-Europe relations have never lived up to their true potential, despite the immense possibilities. What’s holding back New Delhi and Brussels? Could PM Modi’s visit be a game-changer? Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you.

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Comment (39)

  1. As per the latest reports of United Nations human development index, World ๐ŸŒŽ๐ŸŒ Bank ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿง and International Monetary fund the GDP of Bangladesh alone is more than the GDP of Entire Eastern and North Eastern India ( Waste Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chattisgarh, , Assam, Sikkim and other north eastern states) combined together and Per capita GDP income of Bangladesh is also much much higher than the per capita GDP income of India.

    Bangladesh is the centre of textile and Ready made garments manufacturing industries of the world and developed countries of European Union, Britain, Australia, Canada, middle East and North America wears made in Bangladesh garments from last many decades apart from it Bangladesh is also hub of Pharmaceutical and Fin tech industries.

    Joy Bangla ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉโš”๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉโš”๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉโš”๏ธ Khela Hobay Jindabad ๐Ÿ’ชโš”๏ธ๐Ÿ’ช

  2. EU are biggest theives. Modi should not trust them. In the name of sanctions they will rob other countries money

  3. 3:40 EU has 2 options here
    3:37 the 2nd option …what EU must not needs to have

    Because if they disrespect Russia
    Its equal to EU disrespecting india
    As wei mentioned its a strategic move

  4. Like I said before, India is the prettiest girl on the block. But India needs to be careful for which prince they fall for.

  5. Simply put, Eurocentrism and supremacy based on race! Some were colonialists and they have not lost the taste of power over the โ€˜blacksโ€™! Then again, we were managing under Nehruvian dynasty, open defecation that the Europe looked down upon us! For other people to respect, we need to build ourself to be respectful and it is only beginning to happen now!

  6. It is highly MISLEADING to assert " Europe is being forced to look out for itself… to chart its own course…" On the contrary the EU has formally converted itself overnight into a PUPPY to the United States!!!

    "…more involvement in the Indo-Pacific…more spending…" It means that Europe is stepping out from America's shadows…" ??? Has WION emigrated to another planet???

    The fact is that Europe is moving to the Indo-Pacific ( some 12000 miles away from physical Europe) means an expansion of NATO ,led by America, to that region!!!!

    Europe is neither in ,in the Indian Ocean nor the Pacific Ocean!

    America is bordered by both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans!

    A threat to India's sovereignty!!!!

    Europe ignored India's rise deliberately . The US and Europe knowingly poured trillions of USD and Pakistan!

    India can bet on trade…that's right 'bet'!

    India can forget SECURITY, except ,when it allows NATO and the US, to set up military bases and associated brothels, on Indian soil and all over India.

    Indian lobbies will push for this to happen, as for them is only a question of raking in millions of USD ,and speaking the English language like the Americans,accent-wise. Not the correct English language!

    [ Just like Anita Anand,the current Defense Minister of Canada tring to speak French with the accent of a duck].

    Europe should stick to the defense of Europe in Europe! India,in particular must decolonise its mindset and stop being sycophantic to White countries!

    Instead India should form an Indian Oceean Naval Force comprising of a decolonised/ independent Australia, South Africa,Japan, Thailand , Indonesia, Oman,Kenya, Egypt, UAE, …basically coastal countries of the Indian Ocean!

    An Indian Ocean wide trade ,medical and tourism industry network should be put in place involving the countries and islands of the Indian Ocean.

    This will protect the Indian Ocean region, from the constant negative and violent shocks, that Europe has been / is famous for,for the last five hundred years plus,to date!

    Of course, European investors can share in this Indian Ocean Project with cash and European tourists, as long as the control of the Indian Ocean Project, remains with participating countries 'residing' in the Indian Ocean!

    Incidentally,this is the very type of Regional Collaboration that the US and Britain in particular are against.

    Both are against Australia and New Zealand becoming independent Republics!!!

    New Zealand being run by the Maoris and Australia being run by the Aboriginals!!!

    The US is doing its best, to prevent Hawaii from becoming independent, while France is forcing New Caledonia to stay as its colony!

    The Solomon islands have decided to cease being a colony of Australia!!! Yes,it had to turn to China to do so…so be it!

    Australia has forced Indonesia to share a huge chunk of its oil reserves!


    Several millions of Europens have been killed ,maaimed ,raped,burned alive in Europe by Europeans!!!

    To top it, all Europe has exported its violence to other parts of the world in places like the Americas, the Philipines, Africa, India, Australia, China etc.etc.

    Slavery ,indentured labour system have been legitimised and practiced by Europe!


  7. India is the most trustworthy and Great Nation in the world.
    The world invaded India,but India got its own indepence and never invaded anyone.
    India is gods own country.Good and yet Strong.
    Whoever troubled India has faced Natures own Wrath eventually but Surely.
    And by the way,for people /bots from jealous cheenie and piskistan ,asking what india wants from west ,to answer them here: the west and US and everybody flocked to India,remember ? before the reciprocal visit by India.

  8. Europe isn't stepping out of the shadows of the US.

    Sanctioning Russia is counterproductive, instead, keeping good relations and importing cheap gas from Russia will strengthen India's economy and make its products more competitive with the ones in the west.

    Good luck India, we hope you guys come out as the new independent powerhouse.

  9. India is playing the pharaoh game you most choice a side china did Africa did you can't be in the middle ask jewish person who knows the truth, you believe in something or you don't no middle man

  10. Palky your talk is talk of pure true but please check data -German lie they openly threatening Russians in media + giving all kind of weapons 2 Ukraine still purchasing their resources

  11. I give you a third option… they forget about India, you compare yourself to Germany at least they are making cuts in the oil… your terror is deep, your buying oil for profit… and emend a vote when you can't even behave like a civilized country… we all must live with the choices we make, stick to your guns as we say in America… but we all must live and pay for the choices we make… the world has changed, Russia has burnt a hole in the world checkbook… and the countries attached at the hip seem to scream the loudest… btw… if you think England will flip on the Russian war… you are very wrong… enjoy the oil…

  12. Today India is in no mood to bend down, listen and accept any dictate from any one, who so ever he – she or what so ever they may be….now if any one wants to deal with India then they have to come to the common favourable acceptable terms, those are help full and beneficial to both the countries and if any one is still living in era of disillusion of it's supremacy then India does not care for them ether, let them survive on there own in there own comfort zone we wish them good luck.

  13. India must not bend over backward to accommodate any irrational demand from EU. It is a servile group of US-UK. Russia-India-China group can challenge and defeat Western countries' aggressive posture world wide.

  14. Subcontinent-E.U Has
    Been Beyond The Etihaas.

  15. I admire WION's insights, you try to be neutral all the time and being brave to let people hear it.

  16. What is holding back india is such a very powerful country . They need nobody and western country made India. India is self made super power.
    And EU and America want to treat india such a small country and they want to lecture them. They want use them as ass kisser.

    India should stand alone as china and Russia so they can be respected and they must demand and take orders.
    And if india have to make peace deal and friendship and brotherhood than it must Pakistan , Russia, Iran, China and make asian Continent

  17. Aunty America has no friends they will "ditch" the Europeans. And make sure that the Euro falls.

  18. Very deceptive thoughts and options from Palakl about the poor performance of India in the international scene,as expected of Wion a leftist bookmark of the kgb ,no wonder so cozy with Putin the butcher,people who live in glass bottles should not throw mud

  19. After Ukraine Russia conflict and afghanistan issue US lost his old image in world respect to geo political and more. Now india is emerging as global power.
    You can see every countries wants good relation with India. India need to develop diplomatic relations and need to spread make in India.

  20. The X Factor is that India is not made up of European ethnicities. As a result, donโ€™t expect deeply beneficial ties with Western Europe.

  21. America has a visions of making the world power centers in Western Europe and Eastern Asia becuase America becomes in the middle and away from the world ancient centers of power in Western and Southern Asia.


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