Gravitas: NYT misleads readers on Indian strike

The New York Times reported that a two-day general strike had ‘thrown India into confusion’. “What strike?” was the response in India. In reality, the limited strike was barely noticed by Indians who carried on with their normal life. Palki Sharma tells you why NYT chose to mislead its viewers.

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Comment (32)

  1. With the strike did the strikers bring solution in the motion ? Without solution strike holds no value .paranoid and uninformed misunderstanding reporting has flamed many fires that never had a spark pointing this out allows for the issue to he addressed this is what the world needs proper understanding of truth …

  2. Strike was a success only in Kerala, Orchestrated by a God fore saken leftist party..😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

  3. NYT and Washington Post is curse to the humanity. I wish that digital revolution will close their business.

  4. Facts combined with contextuality is the hall mark of this news. The diction of palki Sharma is amazing..she first asks questions and answers them. In fact most of these questions occur to us. we see those questions raised by her. Know not how she has read the mind of common viewer. Kudos to palki Sharma and her team.

  5. ok this channel is hypocrite , she slammed china on the basis of western report now she against western report when it's comes to india 🤦‍♂️
    what the??

    jab baath khud pe ayi toh suni sunai ho gayi XD..

  6. So she wants the strike to be obstructing cars
    Stop the trains
    And a little bit violence
    Nice pointers
    As according to you to be observed we workers should do it.
    But after watching this video a peaceful strike should not catch the public eye.
    Stop shamelessly defending the govt every time, you cant hide the truth
    Talk about the strike it self if you may be. But that does not suits your propoganda so just defend the govt every time blindly.

  7. I think , we're not far away from a huge full-scale war between east and west, due to irritating hypocrisy of the west, of course some fool countries are still fascinated of west.

  8. America failed to convince NATO member states to go to war against Russia. Only some countries are supplying arms against Ukraine. They cannot advice india to live in hunger and be stuck with economic, security, energy, trade problems inflicted due to the war.
    West shd give compensation and be competitive

  9. To be frank, most of us did not even know about the strike. I asked many if my acquaintances whether they knew of this strike. They were infact questioning md what strike and when was it??

  10. Old enough to remember NYT writing an article about a church being burned down in Delhi as an attack on Christians.

    Turned out it was a chapel that caught fire due to short circuit. Police and the local clergy men admitted this.
    NYT neither corrected their story or issued apology.

  11. I live in Kerala, my hometown seemed as typical as other days on those two days!! I didn't even feel it like a local bandh🙃

  12. If any one doing strike stops my bike on road …. I will tear the person into two pieces …..


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