Gravitas: Outrage over UK-Rwanda migrant deal

The Boris Johnson govt plans to send asylum-seekers to Rwanda. British Home Secretary Priti Patel has called the decision a ‘world first’. Human Rights groups say the move is ‘inhumane’. Molly Gambhir reports.

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Comment (21)

  1. If you believe rawada is human right violence then you are no different colonized and you are colonize worship cuz we know British rule and law based on ideology of Antichrist any media think they right then are the betrayals to mankind

  2. Well if you liked on human rights crap won't you let them all stay at your house I'm getting tired of all this tearing down countries because everything is gone haywire throughout the world

  3. USA should immediately deport all illegals entering this country, with no distinctions made for any one, to be sent, either to Mexico or to Panama or to any other country.
    During the prior regime of Donald Trump, Donald made such an agreement with Mexico. Joe Biden has abandoned that agreement and arrangement, and in the last sixteen months, as many as 3,000,000 illegals might have entered USA, even as the homeland security people looked on, helplessly, due to the unconstitutional policy of the current regime of Joe Biden.

  4. 🤣🤣😅😂🤣😅 if these asylum seekers are European they should come with protective shells. The natural and human environment in Africa can be very harsh for the uninitiated. You need special training just to survive in Africa.

  5. whoever insert y ou on the position you are right now there is a point in time where by you will need to retain the favor nomatter how stupid is the favor.

    Kagame is a m27 rebel trained by C.I.A so what else

  6. India 🇮🇳 chose a Side -They Chose to Stand With RUSSIA 🇷🇺 …DONT BE SURPRISE you Dont SEE WION NEWs in the future

  7. U.K. Has to do something, it's the French who have the responsibility to house these people. It's not nice but it's the best uk could do. If they accept them, it will cause problems inside uk.

  8. New slavery scheme. By selling people, the UK and Rwanda are slave masters.
    Rwandan army have been entering Congo as herd breeders and cutting Congolese people necks like animals

  9. Well it could be worse. They could have been sending them migrant's to a well known human rights violator the United States of America.

  10. The British people need to send Boris Johnson and the Conservative party to Rewanda never allow them back!

  11. Despite anything they are saying, this is not being done for the greatest good of anyone involved. The word "scheme" is correct.


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