Gravitas: Pakistan headed for another crisis?

Imran Khan has gone on a rampage. He’s openly accusing U.S of dethroning him & slamming Pak’s judiciary for siding with the opposition. Meanwhile, 123 PTI lawmakers have resigned & Nawaz Sharif is planning to return to Pak. Molly Gambhir reports.

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Comment (43)

  1. Ignore Imran kahan please,,, fired police CANNOT hand out ticket fine, ja,,, ja,, ja,,, Imran run for your life

  2. The new government want to have a good relationship with China and the US and India Neigbour but you Imran want to spoil relationships with your Neigbour and other other countries. So why blame the US ?

  3. lagta hai iss baicharai koa Army nai bohat mara hai.he is over aggressive.he has big lust to be in power despite of very poor performance.any way Am studying situation.Sri lanka destroyed by two brothers ,now these two brothers,Nawaz shahbaz gang,will destroy Pakistan rather put last nail into already crippled economy.This son father brother daughter politics is very dangerous ,Father cannot ask son or daughter,same way two brothers cannot question each other for any wrong act.

  4. Imran is like a dictator. He needs slaves around him to worship him.
    In just 3 years he ruined Pakistani economy.
    Opposition presented a NO-CONFIDENCE move and they succeed.
    Imran did not accept that , thats why he is on the road and making lamb excuses saying that America removed him

  5. "Pakistan is going to become a foreign colony as its going to be completely bankrupt" -Jawaharlal Nehru

  6. I believe one hundred percent that the US wanted Imran Khan to be out. Biden asked India, China and Pakistan to condemn Russia and all three refused. But China and India did that in a very diplomatic manner. On the other hand Imran Khan said in public 'what do they think? We are their slaves" ? And that angered Biden. US asked Bajwa to get Khan out or there won't be any money coming. Pakistani military is dependant on American aid to survive, and they will do anything to keep the money coming. So Bajwa arranged for the defection and getting Khan out. This is a fact.

  7. PTI MNAs were elected for five years by the people of Pakistan 🇵🇰. Why have they resigned before completion of their term? They have let down the promise they had made with the people of Pakistan 🇵🇰.

  8. in democratic society nonconfidence motion passer government resign and election is called to elect new government

  9. Well imran khan doing the right thing. Prime ministers should be changed by voting, not by opposing power. Don't care if countries like india hates him, his own people are supporting him, so he must have been good to his people… he was brave enough to oppose US pressures

  10. I respect Imran Khan, but the guy is playing the defeatist card for his brainwashed followers who are always good for: "yes our superior"

  11. It would be refreshing if WION would investigate the claims of US interference had a basis in truth or not, but WION won’t do that. They won’t disobey their masters.

  12. It would be much better if india should focus on their own country and their own dirty politics.
    Why are you people bothering about us , I mean you have so many problems in India please focus on them .

  13. That's the irony of Pakistan, they aren't going to focus on development of pakistani public but yes they will make sure to make dent on their economy by imposing elections and all the liars and cheaters who was being ousted by their army and now they again came with new mask of coilation of all the power hungry parties. No body is focusing on the how match their pace with world's pace.
    When the foundation of any country is based on greed will always get themselves in such situations.

  14. The way this lady is conducting program on pakistan every day is quite strange and the way indian people are commenting on it is amazing,
    Pakistanis have never taken interest in Your countries pathetic politics.
    Apnay mulk ko sanbhalo yaar
    Don't worry about us .
    Pakistan Army and Imran khan both are our pride and we love them .
    You please stay away .

  15. India tu jaisay doodh ka dhula hai na .
    Please try to do programs on the Violation of human rights in Indian occupied kashmir also .
    Try to do programs on the issues of your Farmers .
    Focus on your own issues behn jee .
    Humari fiqr na karain
    Allah khair kare ga .

  16. Jihaad by Imran against Pak Army. Elections do not suit Pakistan, as long as Bajwa and Pak army colonians remain.

  17. Forget about a brother extending love and support to another brother in that community when enjoying 'power' is concerned . Has anyone forgotten what happened between Aurangzeb and his siblings like Dara Suko , Murad etc etc. Nawaj Sharif can return to Pakistan at the peril of his own life 😂😂😂😂!

  18. This is a democratic processes why are you demonizing it. You should support democracy and stop the control the unelected army on politics.

  19. I am afraid also, Elections is coming to my country. I hope, no Cheating at midnight. This is now world crisis where people doesn't have the freedom to choose their leaders.


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