Gravitas: Pakistan's political drama goes global

Pakistan’s political slugfest has gone global. In Medina, the Shehbaz delegation was heckled by pilgrims with chants of ‘thieves, traitors & turncoats’. In retaliation, PML-N supporters thrashed PTI’s Qasim Khan Suri in Islamabad. Palki Sharma reports on the drama.

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Comment (47)

  1. The information minister needs to be informed that she has terrible teeth … I wonder which ministry will take that responsibility ?

  2. The drama and comedy of the Pakistani politicians can give Bollywood a run for their money.

  3. Without any bias ,whoever got into power through back door will not be respected !This is not to say that Imran was highly respected !But atleast he had atleast the Pakistan people's mandate to back him up !

  4. We have to agree Pakistanis are really disappointed with all the interference in their elected government.

  5. This political circus in Pakistan will continue until their next election or till the martial law is impose which their army is avoiding. Shahbaz Sharif is in slippery pitch, he will find it most difficult to carry the collision government for the remaining time of his term. Let's see, the world is watching the drama.

  6. Earlier it was "beekh mangha/ bhikhari"
    Now it's "chor"😂…
    Why is pakistan this unlucky with leadership…
    Soft Military coop should be dismantled.

  7. Good Good
    Jihadis still in corona phase :
    Working from home
    Working at home.
    Wow! What work culture!!!

  8. The most horrible stupid persons are doing this the prime minister of Pakistan is always useless fellow. And honestly I don't like anything this video except the speech of palki Sharma.

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  10. I respect and love u very much my beloved sister for your excellent representation. Thank u and invite u to bangladesh

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  12. Omg Pakistan politicians and ppl always make us laugh & entertained 😂. The ppl should know thier government is controlled by army not ppl.

  13. Speaking of too much biasness & hate as a journalist for other countries, let's take this lame reporter "Phülki" as an example.

  14. WION of course being Indian Govt sponsored happily throws fuel into the fire of Pakistan politics. Imran should not be tried for treason it is Sharifs entire clan who should be tried for treason being the running dogs of the US.


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