Gravitas | Petro Poroshenko exclusive: Artillery fire during WION interview

Since the beginning of the invasion, Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has been on the frontline. Poroshenko spoke to WION today in the middle of an artillery operation. Palki Sharma brings you an excerpt from that conversation.

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Comment (29)

  1. These people killing pro Russians for eight years, they do damage ti their own people using them as human shield and lie that Russian is attacking civillian….go away you are seeking clout.

    Putin mission was slowed down not because you are brave but because you stop civillians from leaving and Russia did not want civillian casualties….this man is seeking attention and praise

  2. Dear world …..other countries are facing war and civillians are being killed as we watch this video…..mostly caused by Nato(eu nations) and the west, inteferance to de-stablelise nations, ukraine also helped in attacking other nation these same nations now think other countries who has suffered for generations at their hands should now further endure hardship by not buying Russian gas because they have been going through war for a month…this endless cry from ukraine and the west for the world leaders to forget the needs of their country to help ukraine and the US with their agenda against president Putin and America's continious push for world dominance shows the arrogance of these countries to think their needs is above the needs of other nations

  3. India is vultures, hyenas, Jackels to buying Russian oils taking advantage and India could NOT careless about Ukraine at all! Modi is NOT going to listen to you at all Patro, but you can still dream, sadly!

  4. What a horrible liar! All who know anybody from the Donbas region, where neoNazi factions have been shelling ethnic Russians for 8 years, know this. Poroshenko was the puppet chosen by the US after the 2014 coup. This week the Donbass Republic reiterated their long-stated desire to join Russia. Russia refused in years past, we'll see what happens now

  5. WION is biased as s**! And their mouth piece is Palki. India supports Russia in this war and WION not left behind.

  6. of all the WION reporters, Palki is the best unbiased and does not interrupt a person speaking, she lets them finish even if they do not share the same point of view unlike Arnab from other news channel very disrespectful, he interrupts and will even answer his own questions based on what he wants to hear.

  7. l Salute Porochenko
    What a brave man
    A great orator
    Slava Ukraine 綾
    Lets up the supplies and equipment and hammer the army of rapists

  8. India and other such states dont care where they source oil from. They see a cheap deal on the table. I would not expect anything else from them. So now they have chosen their side. Despicable conduct by their government. Slava Ukraine 綾
    God bless America
    And God Save The Queen

  9. You pocked a lion by using NATO pin so you will have to face the consequences.Your country is being ruined and the west is enjoying.They will send you bill for even a bullet they supply.

  10. Agreed..
    Facts proof.
    Merdeka atau mati.
    Glory to Ukraine

  11. @WION bring us former president Petro Poroshenko activities in donbas as a president and his speech then for more clarity on his stands now. thanks

  12. Being ex President he doesnt even know why the Russian were there. How naive he's. Poor citizen of Ukraine. His thought is primitive while hes in the cyber era. He doesnt know what he doesnt know and fighting on the street like the Lone Ranger or Japenese Ultraman. Four millions Ukraine seek refuge in otger countries saving their lives in waiting for peace to comeby and start lives all over again. Smart people theyre. Will India listen to a dingbat ?

  13. Poroshenko is a gangster, a Ukrainian I spoke to said that if they'd put a stone up against Poroshenko it would have won the election. We are terrified in Europe, our cost of living is rising by the day and if Russia is driven to cut off gas from Germany and Austria the entire continent will go into a massive recession and we won't be able to pay for heating or food. This has to be sorted out now. Zelenskyy has to agree that the Donbas region be allowed independence and then we, especially Ukraine, can go back to having a life.

  14. It seems in order for WION to get back on YouTube and stay they've taken a slight pro-Ukraine position. I like(d) WION for it's objective coverage. However, survival is a strong instinct.


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