Gravitas Plus: Blood The dark side of Electric Vehicles

Are Electric Vehicles really clean?
They run on dirty energy and blood of children as young as 6.
Electric cars drive human rights abuse and child labour.
China is one of the villains in this story.
Are electric carmakers equally guilty too?
Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you.

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Comment (46)

  1. Seems to me the woke people are just a bunch of narcissistic self-righteous handjobs if not mistake you can drive like 6 hours on your charge and then you got to charge it for 2 h recharging stations electricity comes from fossil fuels that electric Mustang replacing battery $26,000 when thousands of those batteries are in landfills leaking because of their degrading containment unit might as well just dumped nuclear waste all over I know you're woke you have a Superior intelligence wait till they find out the solar Farms are useless what are the PCB oil leaks out of them those huge windmills blow seals all the time that oil just runs down the tower atomizers and blows in the Wind here's one for you to think about at the top of the food chain telling you global warming and the oceans are going to rise why do most of them have oceanfront property largest Estates and not living High in the mountain someplace get your checkbook out send them another donation

  2. and this is just the cobalt side of it, wait till you look at the other minerals and components that need to be made for an EV, they produce more CO2 by making these cars than what these cars are "suppose" to prevent, as long as no one knows about it and they make a ton of money from it, who cares right

  3. I will not buy one of those vehicles. It's definitely not cleaner or better for the environment. Plus more easily controlled. How can ppl not understand these things? Crazy


  5. climate change is a hoax. Nature will just do whatever it wants to, and there isnt anything we can do about that. It is weak minded to think we mere humans have such power.

  6. time this planet is about to end there will be no more resources to leave and have a but tone of rubbish in space and on the planet

  7. Palki, listening to your report on cobalt mining in Congo, my heart goes out to the people in those predicaments, especially the young ones involved. Wish I had the means and the power to end such atrocities. Thank you for highlighting such blatant and heartless acts. Hopefully those that have the means and power will help to end such monstrosity.

  8. Thank you for this thorough and eye opening report. Those children, the people of Congo deserve better!

  9. And Elon Musk is richest man in earth with a cute little baby boy who has all the best food and toys.
    I will never buy an electric car as long as I live. We have horses, saddles and a buggy, horse-pliwing equipment. 3 Cheers for the Amish. Sustainable living.

  10. There should be a hollywood movie with this title "Blood Batteries". Thanks for your insightful report as always, Palki.

  11. Is this really the fault of China, the US, or any other country that wants to buy from the Congo, or is it the fault of the Congo President and whatever Congress or Parliament they have to make and implement laws against child labor?

  12. Dear Gravitas, I very much appreciate your use of the terms, "blood cobalt", and "blood batteries" . Lets elminate all batterie from the world. Get rid of electricity as well. May be that will fix everything.

  13. Who to blamed?we cant blame the companies who are involved using cobalt, but the government of the Cobalt producing country. A real government wouldnt allow this kind of trade in their country.

  14. And that's why Congo will and can never enjoy peace! A plane takes off every other minute in the conflict hit areas of Congo that 'UN peacekeepers' are!


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