Gravitas Plus: Do you alternate between binging and dieting? Watch this

Do you have an extreme lifestyle?
Do you go on extreme diets for weeks, and then ‘cheat’ a week.
Do you grab a drink the moment you land on holiday and detox after returning?
Palki Sharma Upadhyay brings you an eyeopener about living on the edge.

#GravitasPlus #Binging #Dieting

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Comment (50)

  1. Your message is clear and correct but grouping Intermittent fasting with other useless fads is wrong ….shows incomplete research … Intermittent fasting works in long term and obviously needs decipline ..

  2. There has been nothing different since 2020… Undertrials new drugs are new for sure experimental Vacxin Adverse event ?

  3. Hello everyone I'm Indian born Australian citizen I have personally know about him, I actually was participated as a audience the practice match head off the 2020 match between Sharon's Warne and Sachin Tendulkar team it was happening USA . His pocket is full of cigarettes he's absolutely chainsmokers and during that match he was sitting on the audience stage smoking like anything almost 10 to 15 smokes in in two hours time is actually witnessed and I was very surprised that he is a sports when he smokes cigarettes Like This besides he had gone through many artificial weight loss program as well as even for his hair loss and besides

    I well aware that have aussie friends They played for-local cricket team. They have told me about him that he also use couple of illegal drugs whenever he goes to Thailand that is ultimate purpose of most of these willing to go for Thailand even Bali that is a Main purpose to go buy use Cheapest drugs Available those areas is well known fact so he he he do anything to enjoy himself without a doubt he was in trouble to banned from international cricket and Suspected he was used some kind of illegal drugs it happens in the past probably 15 years ago today

    His death is the perfect consequences of his neglecting irresponsible poor lifestyles and drug use..

  4. Come one Palki, I really like you but this Shane guy was not one of us. I never was able to do a 30 day fasting streak😃😂

  5. Fasting in itself is not wrong, it is what you eat when you sit down for a meal. I eat OMAD and when I break my fast, I have 3 rotis , daal, sabzi and some cheese….it’s a good way to lose weight

  6. lovely i m happy that a channel is awaring something which needs to be kept in every person mind , our ancestors way of eating was good then the age we are living in .

  7. i wish she would talk about the history of dieting. im older and i remember growing up seeing all the daytime commercials with
    various weight loss and diet and not scapegoat this "insta generation" as if yall weren't making corsets out of whale bones
    and drugs that had amphetamine in it which caused women to give birth to children with missing limbs.
    jordan peterson isn't this generation either and he inspired ppl to have a diet that consisted of nothing but meat LMAO.

    this is a cute start but it put the onus solely on the consumer which i dont like. talk about the marketing segmentation
    and how we are flooded with imagery of extremes and sold remedies to achieve said extremes.

  8. Now i realise, few years back i had an oral procedure and i could only have liquids for 2 weeks, as im always a bit hypertensive, incidently after abt 10 days on liquids, was feeling so good of my lean look after years.. i checked my bp, it was highest ever, like 160/110

  9. Let us get our facts right on some of the diets mentioned in this video. Let us do our research and you will find that there is nothing extreme about Keto. It is NOT a diet but a simple change in Lifestyle. And that change is necessary to undo the abuse we have done, over decades, to our body by the quality, quantity and frequency of our daily eating habits which has resulted in our diagnosis of metabolic diseases, like diabetes. The Keto lifestyle or the low carb lifestyle is the only diet that reverses (cures) diabetes.

  10. Great Analysis and Insights… Simple logic is we need to check and find our Grandma's and Grandpa's Life style and food culture. What are getting grown nearby us (in our local area) we need to consume more based on availability, that's what the Mother Nature has structured.

  11. But Warne wud have taken vaccines … ❤️❤️❤️❤️ It might be it's side effects .. coz nature n natural way never kills us coz it's the way of life…

  12. That's what Rutuja Dandekar local..home made and traditional food..don't run after these flashy names..that's the mantra to stay fit in q sustainable manner

  13. what i teach to people in Yoga and Ayurveda. Eat as per your body and eat balanced macrobiotic diet. Local seasonal foods with inclusion of balanced nutrients. also diet needs to be customized based on individuals body constitution.

  14. It may be that 'yo-yo' dieting put some strain on his heart, and he was the perfect age to have heart problems, but sudden death from cardiac arrhythmia is more common in athletes (of any age) than it is in healthy non-athletes.

  15. This is the best video I have ever watch. What a research. What a facts. It's really a eye opening video for all. Your way of delivering the speech is incredible mam. 💖💖💖 I am inspired 🙂

  16. In India Bollywood where actors develop 6 packs within months are setting wrong examples. Most Indians worship these stars and follow their extreme measures. Dumb!

  17. Peak and wane rapidly , drop the glass, embrace balance not extreme words of yours are impressive palki mam.

  18. Big fan of your work but I think you should call an expert while discussing about topics not related to your expertise.

  19. Western diets are generally high in fat and animal protein which is sure cause of heart eliments… Our food should only come from plant kingdom… We must not interfere with animal kingdom for food… Bible has quoted very beautifully… "And god said, see I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food.
    Isn't it so simple and clear

  20. Food for thought : Shane was infected with covid 19 and was briefly put on ventilator. We know covid affects your circulatory system. Spike protein damages the walls of arteries and veins. The effects can last for long time after recovering Without considering this, you cannot blame the death on diet alone.


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