Gravitas Plus: Do you feel burnt out? Watch this

1 in 3 Indian professionals is burnt out. 52% of American workers are burnt out. Employees are increasingly feeling exhausted, incompetent and hopeless. Is our work culture to be blamed for this? What can be changed? Listen in to Palki Sharma

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Comment (29)

  1. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  2. Focusing on what really matters!! Always appreciated WION for bringing into light such wonderful topics. Great job team and Palki Sharma for highlighting real issues. This could be so helpful to so many. Only responsible media can focus on such real issues. Kudos!

  3. She believes Indians are behind all advancement since Vedic age. I think they are burnt out and exhausted exploitating ordinary non Vedic people.

  4. I was searching this kind of statistically explained video … I thought I am alone in this … kudos to WION and Palki

  5. as we speak they are trying to enslave us again , and they want to resurrect the OTTOMAN EMPIRE where they CASTRATED many of their slaves EUNUCHS and raped men infront of there families , the WORLD GOVERNMENT FORUM SUMMIT 2022 DUBAI has just taken place , regarding their agenda for a NEW WORLD ORDER cashless society with them in control of YOUR digital money , turkish president ER0GDEN is having meetings with all the elites with the agenda to bankrupt the dollar /EURO ie NATO and replace it with turkish , ,saudi iran ARMY ,, = one world religion , currency and army all islamic

  6. The good news is that in capitalism, a person can choose any career they want. They cannot be forced by the government to take a job they do not want. Any burnout a person feels is self-inflicted because of their career decisions. Don't like the stress of tech? Maybe something like product distribution is right for you.

  7. I don’t know how much attention the employer are going to pay on this information, including the HR 😕

  8. Same feelings. Glad I am not the only one unable to give my best even though I am privileged with a decent job, home, comforts etc.

  9. WION is a good news channel, and Palki is also doing great but the only problematic thing is its editor in chief is Sudhir Choudhary🤮

  10. Now this is what i call an healthy journalism. Absolutely in awe with the selection of important social issues .

    Apparently no on wants to talk about this.
    Thank you for making a video on this topic.

  11. my old job was like this, people were getting burned out and the boss didn't care. this first thing that happened is costumer service quality went down, next people starting calling in more often, last good employees left.


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