Gravitas Plus | Explained: Sri Lankan economic crisis

Sri Lanka is in middle of an unprecedented economic crisis.
Colombo has no money, no food, no essential medicines or fuel.
Food prices have gone up by at least 30%. Who is to be blamed for this?
Gotabaya Rajapaksa or China?
Palki Sharma tells you.

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Comment (37)

  1. A very comprehensive and accurate analysis.Thank you Sharma Palki,no better and truthful reporting out there.Hope the ANC pays attention and we don’t follow in Sri Lankan path.Feel such a sense of connection because of all the wonderful cricketers produced that delighted us.

  2. USA's GDP to debt ratio is 110% and Japan's is 237%. Those numbers have no direct relationship to economic issues! So, please don't project these things as causes of economic issues!

  3. Hello Sri Lanka,
    Lockdowns, mandates, restrictions, health passports and censorship = a living hell.

    They are ravaging our economies, livelihood, ability to fellowship and exchange ideas. They are in fact leading to large scale physical, spiritual and psychological death.

    No threat in the world is EVER worth that.

    Vote wisely. Vote that out FOREVER.

    Reference Shanghai (and there are surely other cities experiencing the same fate in China).

    Let’s all wake up and smell the dystopian globalist totalitarianism shall we???

  4. Simply … Rajapaksha people brought money from Sri Lanka to Uganda….
    Currently 1 inr in sri lanka is 4.7- 5.5
    So if we exchange 1000 inr to lkr. That extra 3500 (lkr) amount is the amount is the amount stolen by Rajapaksha family …..

    please India Save my country……… never give lend to Rajapaksha thieves. Please help us to win ths struggle .

  5. 30.2% inflation. Formula for doubling time at continuously compounded annual interest:
    ln(2)/interest rate. Do the math. OUCH!

  6. From the great and all seeing….

    Sai Baba message of hope

    Tokoh Spritual Sai Baba Tutup Usia πŸ‘βœŒοΈ

  7. If the Brit SAS are in Ukraine, we'll the NZ SAS are likely there too. Did that single C130 have no people on board. Our guys have SAS Form, starting with LRDG on North Africa WW2, Decolonisation in Oman, Rhodesia UDI, Vietnam Phoenix Program, Northern Ireland "On Secondment" and on and on to the present.

  8. In other news, the cost of samosas have gone up almost 75 percent; on Tuesday, you have to order chicken.

  9. The country is doomed for ever like the poor african nations. Citizen of the lanka will be perennial poor.

  10. Root Cause is that the fourth Pillar of Democracy that is Media has became broker of the ruling regime rather than criticizing the Govt .
    The same pattern followed in India WION is doing the same
    Has WION told the current debt of Indian Govt ?

  11. Welcome to the World Economy! This is happening on a global scale. If you print massive amounts of money and their is no production of goods you have massive inflation. Sri Lanka is being used as the scapegoat for economic crisis. What do you think is to follow with other G20 nations. We are in a big world of hurt and unfortunately with the introduction of biological man made wuhan virus we find ourselves here a few years later. Food prices have already gone up 30% in North America and most other nations. Its not only Sri Lanka.

  12. 3:57 ahh! you see, that, that second, that's where all the trouble began.
    chose china over india?? lol poor decision indeed, lads didn't even realise what they were getting into eh

  13. India also has more imports than exports. That too in the year 2022, the difference was more. The same thing is continuing from decades.

    America stands as number 1 supplier to India, China next and then Russia.

  14. She forgot one thing – How Rajapakses stole the entire country's wealth and destroyed the country's economy. Pandora papers, Rajapakse investments in Uganda say a lot about those..

  15. Everyone is blaming the govt but its a democracy meaning its the people who voted them in power. The people wanted this man to be in power even after knowing what sort of a person he was. Monks are controlling the country and they ride sports car and live in luxurious houses. Serves them right πŸ˜‚. KARMA

  16. Dear Wion, you have some standards, you are not troll news sites like Rt, ABC, Fox and Al jazeera !
    You have gained respect these years on international platform and should not loose it by always be putting Palki's happy face as thumbnail on reporting videos on such sad stories! πŸ™

  17. I feel sorry for the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese had it coming.
    Some Indian fools even thought sinhalese are their better friends than the Tamils, pity on them.
    Hope India learns from their mistake done by Rajiv Gandhi, Currently Modi is doing the same mistake of trusting Rajapaksa (Sinhalese).
    No matter what you do their religion is THERAVADA and ISLAM, they'll never consider a Hindu as their Ally.
    You've already crushed a chance you had to make Sri Lanka a strategic point when you joined hands with Sinhalese and Muslims to Crush LTTE which had Hindu Tamils and Christian Tamils who had their roots in our Nation and Culture.

  18. This is story of what is happening in Nigeria. At least Sri Lankans are protesting, no one is protesting in Nigeria. And it's getting worse, coupled with rising insecurity crises.

  19. Still talking about Wuhan virus? OMG this woman is pure racist and xenophobic. Even some racist American news channels like FOXNEWS are better than this.


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