Gravitas Plus: The Gig Economy: Can you freelance for life?

From writers to financial consultants and lawyers, professionals across sectors are working gigs. They are working independently, as freelancers. What are the risks associated with gig working? Are the rewards worth the risks? Listen in to Palki Sharma Upadhyay.

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Comment (33)

  1. It's been my 2nd-year working remotely for 3 companies. I work as a social media planner, video editor and web developer, 3 job roles for 3 companies and counting.

  2. On paper 9-5 in fact you can't leave early it's biggest offence if you leave Sharp 5pm…dump with certain responsibility leave you no choice and always to be said if not happy you can leave the job there is someone better to this Job wit5low wages…

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  4. She's like a reading out an essay 🤣 she always do that..🤣🤣 content is all on websites 😂😂

  5. After leaving corporate, I worked 4 years freelancing in the US, and in Europa for 26 years, never regretted it. When it rains, it pours. I never felt insecure being a freelancer.

  6. Very novel and interesting topic indeed! I got to know about this topic a month ago in my master’s class presentation at Gothenburg University, when a course mate made presentation on this topic with lots of eye opening information; meanwhile I have been working as a gig myself for the past 8 months as a delivery agent for a food company in Sweden. I totally agree with the downsides of the gig economy shared by Palki, especially in terms of the rights violations, lack of contracts and stability!

  7. It is very disappointing you are on an Indian platform and you mostly talk about European
    Countries, you talk about Indian politics and situation when every body has already discussed e.g. Indian foreign ministers performance with US ministers.

  8. How wonderful! You end up in a job that pays no pension, no sick leave or vacation leave and usually make you work extra hours for free. Only the owners make a killing in profit as they have no obligations to you. That’s the heartless and cruel system that leads to revolution.

  9. & really high health care costs it’s expensive in America to be a gig worker

    I do both work part time and the contract

  10. I’m Gen X I’ve done gig work the last 3 years, I never want to go back to traditional 9-5. I am happy with the flexibility, work the jobs I want and have a vacation day anytime I want.

  11. "The gig economy." LOL! I'm a craftsman, and don't know what this is. There is another shift that she didn't mention. Its called, E.O.W.O. This stands for "every other weekend off." Two days on, three days off, three days on, two days off. They work 12 hour shifts, and they reverse from night and day shift after their time off. This is called shift work. 4/10's are also becoming popular in America. You work 4 days a week, 10 hours a day.

  12. So my question is who is going to replace the employees in the necessary sectors of life? We need plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, roofers, etc. We can rely on immigrants 24/7. The only way this way of life is sustainable is if someone becomes the permanent underclass.

  13. Gig workers won’t work in India as companies are already doing it by taking people on contract which is more suitable for them. Also not everyone are actually good in work and so in office environment they can make fool out of their managers and teams or do buttering which is not possible in free lance.

  14. Palki please cover firing culture in company also in academic without warning. I was postdoc in reputed us university after my PhD. It was 7 months then suddenly my professor called me and fired me without giving me prior warning as from India and my j1 visa got canceled.

  15. Waiting for your response to Mehdi Hassan’s critique on Hindhu extremism in India but I’m sure you won’t say anything because he’s a journalist out of your league Palki…..

  16. Where does Palki get such shallow analysis, that lack depth. We all are working hard to realise the beauty of life- Medicine, and technology (aircraft, telephone) was not dished out on a platter, it came through countless ours spent beyond 9-5. When it doubt about this Universe, work hard to realise the unknown and catastrophe.


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