Gravitas | Premiership: A poisoned chalice in Pakistan

Since Pakistan’s inception in 1947, no Prime Minister has completed a full term. They have either been deposed, overthrown, disqualified, murdered, even hanged. Palki Sharma gets you a list of their names, tenures & reasons for downfall.

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Comment (41)

  1. Pakistan' vote of confidence should be made by people of Pakistan and not chors like sharief family or 100% zardari & bhagoras. Long live Pakistan and Imran Khan zindabad Pakistan flag 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰

  2. Stable sheikh hassina of Bangladesh….. proud to be Bangladeshi…… really realised what citizenship means in a person’s life (realisation took place at age around 20ish plus) kinda feels late but still happy that it did….. current age 41….. proud Bangladeshi ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰

  3. It's like a curse.
    They need to break the yoke.
    So unsettling.

    The blood of the first president who served for 4years before he was killed, he's the only president; that had stayed longer, than subsequent ones after him.

    His blood must be crying out, hence, the country is never stable.

  4. Obviously Pakistan government has been weak for so many years coz they were under influence of America.

  5. It's clear Pakistan was never destined for independence and self-rule. As a renegade Providence of Bharat, it should seek reunification with mainland India…

  6. Why don't Pakistan change their constitution for PM post as on yearly basis, atleast some can complete their term. 💫💥💥💥💯

  7. The challenge the school students will have to remember the PM of their country, and by the time they got to next standard, the PM changes..

  8. He should be happy he is leaving in 1 piece. and with his chadi on. Now Run. As fast as you can Immy. 🏃💨💨🇵🇰

  9. Prermership in Pakistan a.k.a. Terroriststan is not only a poisioned chalice but there are many types of poisoning in every state of affairs out there in a country of radical Islamic killers (Example: Sialkot killing of SriLankan Hindu Manager by the general public and citizens of Pakistan. And that madness is supposed to be normal there like a musical concert here.) Insane Zihadis.

  10. This is why Democracy never could get the institutional shape in Pakistan. The crooked Military must understand this failure is not their glory ; rather shame for the Pakistanis as a nation.

  11. So called Islamic Republic!! The country/ it's people has went against its own civilisation, so all these things are meant to happen, I can see that the worst is yet to come for Pakistan. Karma!

  12. If they don't resolve their economic crisis soon but rather assign more beggars in the PM position they might end up selling their country to china just like how Srilanka is suffering today………

  13. Pakistan's T20 mindset is so deep rooted that even their political parties don't believe in test match . Come and go in a Jiffy

  14. It is shameful.
    None of the PM of Pakistan could complete his/her term successfully.
    What can be more shameful than this?
    A notorious hatemonger, a demarcated murderer and an even an uneducated fanatic could complete his first term of premiership successfully and stepped forward to complete his second term in India.
    But the condition of Pakistan is so worse than India that a highly competent person like Imran Khan had to follow the footprints of his predecessors.
    Pakistani leaders are totally engulfed by greed.
    They are power-greedy, money-greedy and totally immoral.
    This time they got an honest and dedicated leader.
    But they could not retain him due to their greed for money.
    Many of the leaders of PTI got sold to foreign powers just for money.
    But in India that never happens.

  15. Probably they only last a cycle of Saturn … or if there is something negative approaching in the present PMs horoscope … they are quietly replaced 🤔

  16. Records of Pakistani:
    1. More number of Prime Ministers in few terms, because they used to be eliminated, so that the power of army is remembered all the time in Pakistan.
    2. 93,000 Army soldiers surrendered to India in a war.
    Congratulations Pakistan. 👍🎉

  17. whosoever becomes the next PM needs to tell the army chief to stick to affairs of the army and stop butting into policy and civil government issues. this includes the ISS and the ISPR. till the time they dont get a leash on these dogs, no PM will complete a tenure and no one would want to be the PM.

    and not to mention, Pakistan needs to walk away from the extremist views about other religions if they really want to thrive on the world forum, otherwise its just a matter of time before india walks over and take back POK, the balochis have a full on rebellion against Pakistan backed by india and end becoming a new country. this country will disintegrate due to its own issues.


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