Gravitas: Putin's war drives 800,000+ people out of Ukraine

Russia’s invasion has pushed more than 800,000 out of Ukraine. Where are these refugees heading? What is the European Union doing to help them, especially the African and Asian refugees? Palki Sharma tells you.

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Comment (20)

  1. This is a wakeup call for Africans and Asians we are not included in the humanity help from Europe

  2. They are not accepting Asian people and then expect Asia to vote against Russia …Good Asian countries didn't vote against Russia

  3. And they want us African to vote against Russia at UN while they hate us so much that they can't even hide them self

  4. All u middle east , asians and africans …they divide u ppl and u ppl are not helping ur own ppl coz of white skin they r doing all they can and biasing u all asians africans and distributive factions…

  5. It's my request to all asian and African students and peoples to unsubscribe this shit channel. Biased reporting in favour of western countries. It's not Russia it Ukrainian who is not allowing Asian and African students to cross border. And she keep saying Putin war. Unsubscribe for your pride and teach them lesson

  6. Palki Sharma you have no right to speak about racism or discrimination you come from a culture that supports a caste system shut the hell up!!!!

  7. Putin's WAR just showing the world of hypocrisy in Ulkarine colour of your skin says if you live or die

  8. Frankly speaking, in such dire and desperate situations, priorities would not be given to foreigners regardless of their races and nationalities. I believe the same practices would happen in these foreigners' home countries too. I'm not saying this is right but this is the reality of life in a dire situation.

    ET tous FUIENT DE LA MISÈRE ET VIOLENCE vers les pays exclusivement CHRÉTIENS……

  10. white always racism but they the one talk about human right..and we asian thought west is civilized human begin..what a joke.Russia show true colour of white American and europe though Russia is white.

  11. African embassies should look after their own people and enable them to reach Russia and a safe passage back to their own countries. Nothing to do with Poland.

  12. Is it true that in India people are segregated because of their origin? Because of how they were born?
    Could WION make a report on that matter?
    What is the status of WION on that subject?


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