Gravitas: Putin's war marks new era of hard power politics

Japan’s ex-Prime Minister Shinzo Abe triggers debate on deploying nuclear missiles in Japan. Finland’s parliament debates NATO bid after overwhelming public support for the move. Germany drops post-WW2 pacifism to unveil $112 bn defence budget. Palki Sharma tells you how Putin’s war is changing geopolitics.

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Comment (38)

  1. Hard power politics!!! More like madness.. the line has been drawn the curse has been caste.namaste 😔

  2. Big up the Palki’s reporting style. This is what I don't understand. NATO is looking to expand, saying that we should be worried about Putin's ambition. Putin doesn't like NATO’s expansion and as a result, attacked Ukraine. In spite of Putin attacking Ukraine, NATO has still not, as of yet, engaged Russia in military conflict. And in all this we somehow blame America? How? Why? In what world? When do we say, America was right all along and Putin needs to be curtailed. If Poland had left NATO and rejoined Russia, do you think NATO would have invaded Poland? Who is the aggressor here, and who needs to be stopped, IT'S PUTIN!!!!! America has had blunders on the world stage, but on this issue, they are 100% right. The world is just waking up to it. Wanting to join NATO is not a reason to drop bomb on someone. Has Russia ever thought about joining NATO too? Isn't that the solution to all of this? NATO's countries don't attack each other. If you're worried about being attack, then join NATO, not bomb Ukraine. Clearly these smaller countries need to be protected from Russia. Had it not been for NATO, Putin would be picking them off one by one, just like he did Crimea, Georgia and now Ukraine. PUTIN needs to be stopped.

  3. Japan should work with other countries to become truly sovereign. Japan's foreign policy is dictated by US because of how WW2 ended.

  4. Yes. I worked with India people, when I was in UAE. they are amazing people. So intelligent being they are. Extra ordinary woman. I love listen to your news. You give, and tell how it went. Not like those ones in West, and Europe. Who do paint there news with colors. Keep it up Mom Indian

  5. The myth has been busted long ago with US intervention in middle east and its countless foreign military bases but most just ignore it. Now that it is happened to what some european reporter call "civilised" country they finally realised.

  6. what I am getting out of this is that nukes stop people from invading you. Also I like how you don't talk like biased media

  7. Yknow, I just changed my mind. I'd support a no-fly zone. Ukraine has already shot down Russian planes, Russia hasn't nuked anyone. Putin is a man of the Cold War, so he understands mutually assured destruction, antiquated and shortsighted as it is. He might want to open another front into NATO but he can't afford to and we've seen how well that would go.

    Bottom line: US shoots down some Russian planes, Russia won't fly no more planes.

  8. A new era of hard power?

    Started with the US showing how they don’t give a shit about international law, and just invaded/bombes countries.

    Irak, Lybia, Syria, Afghanistan, all the while turning a blind eye on Saudi’s war in Yemen..

  9. My hopes is that Putin won't start WW3, but certailly he cemented that we are currently living in the Second Cold War.

  10. I often find these reports historically one sided or lacking in the additional information that changes how history looks. Let's start with the two nuclear bombs that were exploded over Japan in WW2. It is correct that there was an estimated 200K victims in those bombings. What was not said, was that "a study done for Secretary of War Henry Stimson's staff by William Shockley estimated that invading Japan would cost 1.7–4 million American casualties, including 400,000–800,000 fatalities, and five to ten million Japanese fatalities." Seeing those numbers, the atom bombings of Japan saved untold millions of lives on both sides." There are tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of both Japanese and Americans alive today that owe their very lives to those bombings. Second, Japan was warned what was coming and was given the opportunity to surrender….they refused.

    After WW2, aggressor nations were declawed….forced into Western style Democracy, where their military abilities were monitored, and were defensive only. US bases remained in both countries to ensure these nations would no longer wage war as an aggressor nation.

    The only reason we would enter an era of hard power politics, is because certain nations are ruled by a single tyrant like Putin or Kim Jeong Un, or they are ruled by a group of tyrants like the Chinese Communist Party. These parties are paranoid beyond belief. Nobody wants Russia, North Korea or China. In the modern era, Western style Democratic societies do not start wars of aggression like we currently see in Ukraine. What we are seeing now is a deluded Putin, who is a dinosaur of the cold war. If Putin goes, so goes this war. I do not think anyone else in leadership wants what is happening there. Much like the 1940's, nobody dares oppose the mad tyrant.

  11. It'll still be all about Oil Gas Nukes and Chinese kitchen knives Pots and Pan and cheap watches!?

  12. Russian make more money oil price .65% up and US sanctions not working common sense.this war pay back to Russia back all expenses for American sections HA Ha stick I'm in where they blong

  13. Pretty sure it was a civil war/genocide and Putin just stepped in when Russia was getting more missiles pointed at it and bio labs they could accidently leak into Russia. Why no news about the western media complete lies? Even us in the USA can see it.

  14. Very few people remember George Kennan. Mr. Kennan was a key US diplomat during the Cold War. When NATO started to expand eastward, Mr. Kennan said that a new Cold War just began and predicted that this will escalate to a full scale hard power exercise. No one listened to him, and to this date, very few actually knows his name!

  15. Putin has busted a 21st century myth…no one country can wage full scale war…
    Guess the rest of the World should have asked themselves, not withstanding they are in NATO alliance or not…
    WHO IS THE BOSS?😆😆😆😆😆

  16. since putins war kicked off just about every country has increased spending on weapons and defence whilst others apply for nato membership.


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