Gravitas | Revealed: India's secret maritime deals with Sri Lanka

India has signed three maritime agreements with Sri Lanka, two of which were not publicly announced. Is debt-ridden Sri Lanka pivoting back to India? Or is Colombo playing both sides in the India-China rivalry? Palki Sharma tells you.

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Comment (40)

  1. "We don't know which strategy will work but we all know which strategy is morally right" Agreed. India and Sri Lanka are natural allies. I hope Sri Lanka will wisely take the longer view which then means building a close relationship with India and recognise that China is a menace and draw away carefully.

  2. As a indian i lossed trust on Shrilanka. They aa so selfish and destroying there self. And Blackmailing india.

  3. This news report instructs personal interest of another country to support indian diplomacy . Stupid way to creat fear after knowing how left side will be screwed in coming days . Enjoy reporting .

  4. There was a group of tamils called LTTE in Sri Lanka that used child soldiers, suicide bombers.
    Is that the civil war mentioned here? Civil terrorism? Get the facts right maybe?

  5. As always in international politics and 'diplomacy' it is the ordinary citizen of any country that suffers. Politicians talk, and talk about saving their country whilst pocketing bribes. It happens in 1st world countries and is not restricted to 3rd world countries, but in 1st world countries the ordinary citizen is not so badly affected.But my heart bleeds for the poor and starving in Sri Lanka.

  6. Throw china out from UNO. China should be punished by 4o trillion dollar as compensation for victims of virus

  7. By the way Rajapaksa’s are certainly not Staunch Sinhala nationalists. Their family consists of all nationalities.
    A real pickle!

    Only at Elections they say they are nationalists, Only get voted.
    But they are the worst Buddhists in the world. So selfish and cruel.

    They are looting all our moneys n send them abroad for safety.
    That’s why our country has gone bankrupt.

  8. China's deals lack morality and lack human rights. Deals are done by filling up the pockets of the politicians. This is the Chinese method of the enslaving countries, governed by avraciously greedy governing section.

  9. Srilanka leadership – actually culprits are not believable, India this should time slap and keep in control if again they bend towards China..
    Those fellows will eat funds from India and dont do anything to their people.. India must not believe this fellows…

  10. India has given 1 billion I heard..and Sri Lanka has always given priority to China …even allowing them to build a port along with infrastructure.

    India is being taken for a ride..and tax payers money will be used…and later…Sri Lanka will give priority to they are already in debt.

    India should not engage in irrelevant fundings by beating around the bush in such sectors. Instead if Indian tax payers money is being used for financial assistance to Sri Lanka.. ..India should ensure it has its pockets of defence bases around Sri Lanka on a permanent basis….to offset Chinese influence.

    Only then India will know if Sri Lanka truly recognises India's concerns about regional security in Indian Ocean.

    All moral humanitarian growth endeavours will loose its value eventually.

    Hit the nail on the head…rather than be morally lost in a web of neighbourly affection …to loose it all later…as in Afghanistan.

  11. Wion News "Out spending China is not an option" 😏 So just spreading paranoia and nationalism I guess is their only option.👎

  12. Wion News – Sri Lanka is a victim in China Debt
    Wion News – Sri Lanka is spending enormous amounts on Infrastructure
    Wion News – Sri Lanka makes super secret deal with India
    Wion News – Sri Lanka reveals the 'NOT so secret deal', and just clarifies its standing
    Wion News – India invests Billions in Sri Lanka
    Wion News – Sri Lanka is the aggressor playing both sides of India and China
    Wion News – Says its immoral to have both nations India and China as friends at the same time

  13. A genetic distance analysis by Dr Robet Kirk also concluded that the modern Sinhalese are most closely related to the Bengalis. D1S80 allele frequency (A popular allele for genetic fingerprinting) is also similar between the Sinhalese and Bengalis, suggesting the two groups are closely related.

  14. ❌India lost its morale right to speak about Tamil rights as they actively participated in the Tamil genocide ❌

  15. “Lead the civil war against the tamils” u mean the terrorists who bombed civilians busses and massacred monks etc? Check yo facts next time cuz when it comes to tamils they didn’t face no discrimination after the war most of them live freely and yall out here doing what exactly? Tryna liberate em? Help em out? Then keep the Indian fishermen at yo side cuz thats what bothering tamils who goes fishing in jafna and im pretty sure im speaking for almost everyone im my country people in Sri Lanka aint racist compared to other countries cuz most of us goes to school together grow up together play sports together and don’t forget we got black people in here too and guess what aint nobody complaining so dont try painting sri lanka as some racist country cuz it aint yall aint gotta worry about tamils in here if yall are so worried take em with u. Ps-my mom and her family is tamil btw so is my relatives from my moms side

  16. INDIA should help Srilanka only if they have clear intention of not to gamble their country in the China Casino again.

  17. Whenever the agreements they signed they must be approved by the Sri Lankan parliament. Without the approval of parliament all agreements are null and void.

  18. Hello from Russia. Russia India and China need to come together and cooperate now like never. Stop fighting, otherwise we all gonna be destroyed one by one

  19. India is blessed with fantastic neighbouring countries. 🤦🏼‍♂️
    I hope this issue gets resolved soon. 🙏

  20. India China no different between two of them they pretending to the world that they are helping us but they are trying to interfere for our independence. Actually srilanka need true help from other countries without expecting anything. Sri Lanka will pay the debt. India is giving loans with conditions like if i give you loan you shold give me your Space and sea. Thats how countries help us

  21. This is good news even for an Australian although they don’t realise it, we have China reaching deals with Islands to the East and if China put a Naval base in Sri Lanka that would be two fronts to contend with, I hope India can help Sri Lanka out of it’s crisis, the Sri Lankan government needs to go (words of a Sri Lankan native) and get the Army out of Jaffna and open up Tourism between North Sri Lanka and Southern India.

  22. Thanks for your reporting I get first hand news of the devastation including people constantly robbed on the streets my friend had her hearing aids ripped of her ears and thrown down the sewer because she didn’t have enough money for the thieves, hope India can help them.


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