Gravitas: Riots in Sweden: Over 40 arrested

More than 40 people have been arrested after violent clashes broke out in Sweden. The unrest was triggered after a political claimed he burned a copy of Quran. Molly Gambhir tells you more.

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Comment (40)

  1. Not good at all, but I pray for God to do the right thing for peace with all brothers who are angry, but once again, press spreading of the story??? Has caused the outrage and should not have been given the light in the first place, because now look innocent people who are apresed already venting their anger sick of government's lies and corruption

  2. Qurans says christains tend to be friends of muslims. Arrest them extremists morons who tried to burn holy book Quran with intentions to hurt religious sentiments and spread hate.

  3. One more thing to add to these comments how do we not know that Iran Syria countries that hate the West didn't do this on purpose there are coups everyday to try to bring us down they know that America is the most powerful country in the world militarily wise so you have to attack us within same thing with Europe so what did you do you brought terrorists within your country and they're doing it here in America by our borders being open this is common sense protect your borders protect your people if you don't like America if you don't like Sweden why did you go there. For better opportunity okay I can understand that but then you get mad over burning over the Quran well then you're not there for better opportunity you're there to create chaos
    Protect protect my Christian Brothers God bless my Christian Brothers for I love you and I will pray for the ones that don't believe in Christ and that's what we're supposed to do remember it says shall not murder. But to defend yourself and defend your country is not murder. It's protecting yourself and your country. And they want Sharia law looked that up disgusting.

  4. Black indian hindus are concerned about white christain country,while they violently oppose christainization of india. 😅

  5. Because except money value, there's no value in the West….
    I do not support violence nor this riots. But, Sweden belongs to the international bankers since centuries, so please, stop playing the defenseless victim. The US is occupying Iraq and half of Syria.
    So if you dont want brown skin people in your country, do invade brown skin territory ; they know better, they are not the native Indians.

  6. They can demolish Hindu god statues and Jesus but others shouldn’t do on quran perfect secularism by media

  7. What a lunatic person . A real racist leader with awful political agenda. He should not become a leader of Sweden.

  8. So no hard evidence that he burnt Quran? He just said ….But Muslims started burning things actually …

  9. So someone burns some pieces of paper and ink and the troglodytes go mad. Sweden should take in another couple of hundreds of thousand for penitence.

  10. but No , there are NO " No Go Zones ?! " …. but there are some places that police will not go into …

  11. Why can Muslims build Mosques in Christian and western Democracy's….. yet we cant build churches in Muslim countries ?

  12. Qura'n is the light of the world 👍
    It addresses the all mankind 👌
    It is the medicine for all our ailments 👌
    It is the Last Testament to light people from darkness 👌
    Oh! Allah…show them the right path 🤲🤲🤲


  14. If the Bible is destroyed nothing Violent evolves, but if the Koran is Disrespected , cities Burn and people die !!!. Reminds me of BLM , (Don't you agree ) !!!. Europe isn't the Middle East, we have the right to offend !!!.

  15. How can it be freedom of speech?? When som1 publicly hurt/decimating a community's belief..
    In return violence not the solution??
    How heartless those people would be when burned:
    Old testament/ Bible / Quran / Gita …
    Stange creation of Lord God, we human are???

  16. What is wrong with this comment section…cant see much people criticising the political guy who started all these shit…

  17. In india it is worse! A fb post will result in burning down of a hindu majority temple! Sweden and the west are hypocrite! India doesn't even burn the Qur'an!🤷🏽‍♂️

  18. Why is Islam so sensitive. If Muslims are so saw that their daity is only true one. They shouldn't care that non believers think it's all wishful thinking.
    Why do people need God's to scare them into doing the right thing.

  19. Once you get Socialists forcing migration on unprepared cultures you get violence and the rise of Right-Wing Nationalists. It's not hard to predict. But it is easy to forget who and what started it. No one cares if there are Muslims in Sweden but everyone cares if you start trucking them in while claiming 'racism' because the dominant culture doesn't like you ripping up their way of life as if it was a dirty old rag. Now who's being insensitive?? Now who's being the racist by acting like other's culture and hegemony no longer matters?

  20. Dear Canadian RCMP. This is what violent protest looks like. Bears no resemblance to the peaceful trucker protests. End mandates now.

  21. Also cover stone pelting and firing on religious procession in India done by the same peaceful people .

  22. Islam is Not a Race, is Not a Religion, is a Political Ideology. Dr. John Allembilah Azumah. The Green Prince. Christian Prince, Derek Prince, Brigitte Gabriel, Bill Warner, David Wood, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Robert Spencer. Taqqiyah, Apostasy, Kalfir. Long Live NATO and Sweden.


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