Gravitas: Russia praises India's neutrality on Ukraine

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov ‘appreciated’ India’s neutrality in talks with S Jaishankar. Lavrov also pushed for a rupee-rouble trade system, terming Western payment systems as unreliable. Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Comment (32)

  1. Standing neutral in the face of so much murder is saddening…… PM Modi does not have the balls to deal with Putin. He does not have to follow the west, but he should think about sending a appropriate 'Indian' message to barbarian Putin and his Einsatzgruppen. Modi is under the spell of Putin and too frightened to speak up against genocide…. of course India is a master of genocide, with at least 2,000,000 deaths in August 1947. Time to boycott India.

  2. Well we now surpport Chinese border claims, and Pakistan Kashmir dispute, we won't forget your lack of help sucking up to Russia

  3. Yes India – be proud of your stand with Russia. Why not support rape, executions of civilians and invasion of a sovereign country. You are such a peaceful nation.

  4. America be like, let's send an indian origin diplomat cause he knows how to threaten India into listening, but they dont realize India never makes same mistakes over and over and every indian knows who sides with whom during Indo Pakistan war

  5. Not great to see , India once a proud democracy, now doing deals with criminals, liars, and mass murderers!
    So Indian money will keep the Russian war machine crushing the innocents🇺🇦

  6. India is very much respected by the West / NATO countries. I think it would be wise for powerful yet vulnerable India to stop flirting with Russia and have a kind of 'NATO-Plus' alliance with NATO countries, Australia, Taiwan, Japan etc. given the long-term Chinese-Russian-etc. alliance and threat.

  7. I do not judge India at all.they are playing their game and rightly so. Plus, seeing Lavrov begging India to buy “anything” they want from Russia is absolutely priceless. The Russians are desperate.

  8. West is still in hangover of colonial mindset of past , but now they know that or should know if don't ,they can be fucked by any of their past colonies if necessity arises , thats why now they are living in Huddle like dogs or better to call slaves of their Uncontested supreme boss USA.

  9. lets India becomes neutral, if China annexes part of India, all world should do the same, be natural too, lets China do its jobs, and India have Russia (also china ally), UN vote abstain if China invade India, Russia n CHina vote India. UN in our side

  10. Indians do you miss british colonialism and tyranny? Or you will naturally turn to your real friend Russians?!

  11. Sat Sri Akal, I love the way our Palki Sharma says that that slick haired. fool has 0 understanding of foreign policy, LOL

  12. Sat Sri Akal, This Daleep Singh is a traitor and he should not be allowed in India.
    What a sell out to his countrymen and India.
    Its people like him who gave up India. SHAME ON THIS………..

  13. If it was brown people being massacred.
    I'm sure India would speak and cry .
    Since it's white Europeans getting killed ,Indians don't care.
    Just remember India what goes around comes around……

  14. Talking about things which are over his pay grade….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Maaann roasted like hell

  15. lets me answer who question mother india stance in geo politics
    answer is : nimbda dusraa tell mee click click.


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