Gravitas: Russia stops exporting gas to Poland & Bulgaria

Russia’s Gazprom stopped exporting natural gas to Poland and Bulgaria after both nations refused to make payments in Rouble. But reports say at least 10 European companies have agreed to Putin’s rouble-only demand. Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you more.

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Comment (33)

  1. This horrible war shows us what everything is about: gas and oil.
    Aren't there any other important things in life?

  2. Russia is doing the world a favour . Thanks for your contributions towards global warming . There are many counties with oil and gas . The EU has until December to win itself off Russian gas . As a matter of fact I would make like to make a few recommendations . We have plenty of oil and gas in the Caribbean and we will happily sell it below market price .

  3. The West creating the problem to all it's all allies… Thanks india 🇮🇳has got relationship with Russia🇷🇺 so no need to be worried😥…

  4. Bigger question is what would Germany do if Bulgaria started stealing oil/gas from pipeline that was on its way to Germany?

  5. The European countries can pay in roubles and not violate sanctions the same way the rich can stash assets in offshore accounts and not violate tax laws…. subjective interpretation of the laws.

  6. Indians aren't capable of appreciating demographics. Russia will crumble on its own in less than 20 years because they forgot how to have children after 1994. Say goodbye to your "friend" 😆 🤣

  7. didn't someone from India invent a perpetual free enegy generator ?
    Where's that invention now ? Is it being used ? or has it been destroyed to keep india dependant on fosil fuel ?

  8. The pipes that run to Europe aren't connected to those that run to Asia what they don't sell to Europe, they CANNOT sell to China and India. Lol let the Russians say and do whatever. They are doomed no matter what happens.

  9. Good Deal. India, China, Russia, Brazil you are the new power. Those UE puppets will collapse is just a question of time. No energy no civilization, no power, nothing.

  10. People have been killing in Ukraina. Russian morderers blackmail countries that support Ukraina and cut off the gas. Europe is paying for gas in eur but will not support russian currency. Palki should do more research before giving info to the public.

  11. India must sign long term oil and gas supply from Russia in order to build India economy faster and stabilise it's prices in order control inflation.

  12. Sat Sri Akal, Now thats what i call news. reading. She is amazing. She is defenetnly our best news reader.

  13. I don’t think one can eat with solidarity
    So the European Union is telling the European countries
    EAT 🍰

  14. Wion – the period of un-biased media is over I guess . India was given favoured transit consideration from russia , for it people from ukraine. India has been paying $35 a barrel , hence the increase in orders. Wion India has profited from the war in the Ukraine , I'm sure if wion had another week long visit to the ukraine (pretext people on the ground ) they would not be so warmly welcomed. india HAS taken a side and it is not on the side of my fellow countrymen /women and ukraine. All i can say " take it and GO "

  15. I love how the media from every nation always mainly portrays themselves as the only good ones and pretty much all other countries as not so good. I’m American and yes I know my government is extremely corrupt and always has been for the most part china is the worst of all in my mind China is the real enemy to the entire planet I’m not so worried about Russia like I am about China but of course Russia and China are both corrupt China and North Korea are the only two truly sickening countries at the moment that are sickening to the point it’s disgusting to support them in anyway. However don’t act like India’s not corrupt either every country is corrupt and in India the police is definitely worse than America as in more corrupt I mean I’ve traveled through India I grew up in Germany my dad‘s a pilot I’ve been all over the world I’m from Iran originally. And believe me I know the Iranian government is disgusting as well and that’s my homeland. The one thing that’s always worried me about India is the treatment of women in general I don’t like how women are treated in India it’s definitely not one of the better countries for women to live in and that aspect America is definitely superior the rape of women is so much more common in India and sadly in many parts it’s still extremely common for people to sell their daughters into prostitution. So don’t act like your country is so much better than others. You have your disturbing problems as well just like all of our nations.

  16. Shame on u … are u saying India is proud by importing fuel from an world enemy .. then u condemn other countries .. who is condemning his action ??? no one can stop abruptly.. get that straight palki Sharma !!! ..

  17. Lol so they are angry that russia turn off the gass and they take pleasure in sanctioning other countries and russia


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