Gravitas: Russian invasion of Ukraine marks 'return of the 1930s'

What did Stephen Harper, Carl Bildt, Teodoro Locsin Jr., Baijayant Panda & Jane Holl Lute have to say when Palki Sharma Upadhyay asked them about the relevance of liberalism in context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Listen in to the conversation.

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Comment (20)

  1. I'm not surprised at this break away from nation wide ""so called laws"" these laws are clearly not applicable to the US , who does what it likes, So why therefore would other countries feel the need to uphold any international rules.
    I have no respect for any any country ie" US that pushes its insane ideology onto anyone,

  2. Only the Russian invasion of Ukraine marks 'return of the 1930s'
    USA invasion of many countries over the world marks what?????????

  3. Here what expert like me wanna say:
    Dear Civilians,
    Pls don't vote for such leader:
    1. who doesn’t understand geo politics,
    2. who doesn’t know how to handle super powers,
    3. who doesn’t love his nation
    4. who doesn’t have capability to save his nation
    5. who doesn’t have moral & gutts to save his nation
    6. who sell the country for his personal interest

  4. Zelensky: I don’t know what to do , I’m just comedian!
    Poland: fuk, I’m just a usa/german puppet, now I’m freezing
    Bulgaria: Me too! Why me ?!
    Macron: I don’t give a sh.t! I just won ! Let’s party !
    Johnson: I’m partying since 2020 !
    Germany: stop everything slaves! Go to war for me!
    Italy/Spain/greece: I don’t fight after 10 am .Siesta!!!
    Sweden/Finland: Are we going to join those idiots ?!
    India /china: this is NOT our war.
    soros and klaus schwabb : great, another 10 million fools die for our cause

  5. NATO INVADED LYBIA AND KILLED GHADDAFI, 1930's???? These devils are the biggest deceivers the history of this planet. GFTO of ASIA and MIDDLE EAST!

  6. I find your labeling of Western policies and words as 'hypocrisy.' I'm not arguing that the West, perhaps especially the United States, hasn't acted in it's own interests across the globe. The U.S. has succeeded by consistently building coalitions of nations to act with it, often via the United Nations. If Putin/Russia respected the U.N., and abided by its charter, the war in Ukraine would already be over. Instead of attacking the U.S. from behind your own wall of quasi-neutrality, ask yourselves what kind of world this would be absent the United States. India, as a legitimate superpower and a freedom loving society has an opportunity to prove itself here.

  7. This is outrageous. Russia invading a neighbor… How would they react if their neighbours were pumped with guns while increasing the rhetoric against their country. How did the US react when missiles were sent to Cuba?

  8. The UN secretary-general while visiting Russia said, "The world should be a multipolar with multipolar systems( unlike SWIFT)" He further said the US bullied countries to vote against Russia. In his own words. However, you will never get this in mainstream media because it does not perpetuate their narrative.

  9. it's the harsh truth that "Dictatorship works more effectively than democracy,if the ruling leader is capable".

  10. Democracy in western terms only means a system that allows them regime changes that will support their foreign policy.


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