Gravitas: Russian State TV issues a chilling warning

Russian State Television has issued a chilling warning. A news report simulated a nuclear attack against the UK and Ireland. How serious is this threat? Palki Sharma brings you a report.

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Comment (36)

  1. Boris Johnson suddenly became neutral after the threat 😃😃😃😃. He's no longer playing James bond. Russia is not IRAQ.

  2. History is good
    But History divides
    The reason for every hate and division in the world is rooted in History
    Yet we must pass the baton of History to the next generation so the hate and division continues
    History is to know and not to act
    Love everyone as if they were your family.

  3. Kisselov is bluffing but Globalists will take any chance they get to take him seriously

  4. Nuke these British parliaments they want rule other country .. Nato will never support Ukraine ..

  5. This is meant to wake up some people in the west who seem to think this whole thing is some kind of a movie….
    Well it ain't…. Russia's army may be disorganized, poorly equipped, and poorly led… But Russia DOES have hundreds if not thousands of nuke ICBMs and if they feel like they are pushed against the wall by the US and Nato (which is happening), if they feel they are in mortal danger they WILL USE THOSE NUKES… Regardless of what the west does to Russia… Russia will cease to exist but AMERICA and EUROPE WILL ALSO CEASE TO EXIST ON THE SAME DAY THAT NUKES ARE USED…
    A flash brighter than the sun is the last thing most people in Europe and America will see before they are immediately turned into a puff of mist… HIROSHIMA/NAGASAKI – the precedent of dropping nukes on civilians has already been set – TWICE… and we all know who set that precedent…. But now this WILL COME TO AMERICA….

  6. Well some one needs too attacked Russia he going keep on please get him he do that he doesn’t care about his people or the world

  7. Ireland is a neutral country whit no nukes small military defence forces whit no desire to join NATO.
    Russia show it has no ba**s whit simulating and nuclear attack on us

  8. A leader of a "Piss fart" nation , stuck in their Colonial overhangs should be careful when squealing a nuclear threat, the Russian TV replied that it takes only one Posideon to wipe out GB

  9. Elimination of British will bring peace and equality in world. Why the American and British are so busy in killing millions in world for money.?

  10. The people of the U.K should over throw their government, its clear boris johnson doesnt give a shit about anything other than his own interests

  11. What I know is this:
    Russia is placing themselves in a position as the ONLY nation who’s got the nukes arsenal misjudging that not only UK but it’s Allie’s will join the “mushroom party”; or Armageddon as some like to refer it to, because they will strike back.

    At the end…; either side or all sides will loose!!!
    Even though those who spent billions of dollars buying underground bunkers good enough to hold a family for 20 + years. Then I ask those morons: Then what? Who’s going to do basic things for you if all source of water, wind, natural light and even rain will be contaminated with radiation??? Nothing will survive after 20 years not even those people in the bunkers.
    Think about it!!! 🍄 🍄

  12. Nato is like a pack of Chihuahuas all nipping at a big mongrel pittbull!
    When it bites back its going to do real damage

  13. Civilized European are fighting there we asian are enjoying in the same way they came to asia for war practice and killing million for nothing. You will still find bomb shell in laos Vietnam Afghanistan Iraq. Now it is their party time.Enjoy the party be it nuclear tsunami or anything else

  14. Nuclear war is unlikely. Not everyone is America. Whatever, at least Britain should be compelled to give a declaration in UN saying, " Our forefathers were robbers and looted, exploited the whole world for centuries. Our civilization is built on bloodmoney. We enslaved, brutalized innocents. We along with our Queen are ashamed of our ancestry. Lord purify our bloodline."

  15. That missile will not reach UK and will explode even before it takes off from its launcher as the thermal id will be immediately picked up by satellites.
    There should be a video simulation about it.

  16. Well it was Obama that started this war. Obama is the worst think that has ever happened to the US

  17. I always wondered what a right wing Indian person would be like now I know they have a news channel called WION lmfao


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