Gravitas: Saudi Arabia is drifting away from America

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has said he doesn’t care what US President Joe Biden thinks about him. Is Riyadh drifting away from the United States? Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Comment (33)

  1. The result of this speach is clear today.big explosion in jidah aramco.
    Fulfiled by america but says yemeni huti done

  2. people should live in peace.the world must law..the law must b justice..what made saudia to b most peaceful on earth? why? its cz of justice an truth.plz stop the war in ..etc..plz stop.God bless you all

  3. You complain when we help the Saudis, and you complain when we condemn them. That is the typical hypocritical ways of Indian Hindus.

  4. There was no need to put UAE in FATF grey list. Now Biden will face the consequences. I hope Americans are atleast now valuing Donald Trump and his decisions!!!!

  5. Couple days after this announcement, one of Saudi Arabia oil depot got bombed.. Coincident? I dont think so

  6. América se está cayendo no se puede sostener tiene muchos enemigos.ya .o creen en Usa no le tienen miedo sus intimidaciones y nos de mando están cansados de oír te voy poner sanciones te voy a serrar los bancos .está perdiendo autoridad y otros países que tiemblan la vos de su papá .😭😭😭🙄🙄😕😳🧻🧻🧻🧻🚽🚽🇺🇸🇺🇸😭😭😭👈👈😔😌😏😩🤧🤧

  7. Estados Unidos está muy enojado por no poder hacer nada no atacar a Putin es la primera ves quedó congelado ,.son a atacado países tercer mundo .

  8. India by reporting agains KSA , lethally damaging the markeet .and wana sit to the site of US a new father

  9. This is part of Biden's plan to "back clean energy", which is another way of saying he is trying to make it hard for America to get oil.

  10. usa made isis to attack middle east and usa made virus to kill all world usa used nuclear on japan and killed many innocent people usa destroyed the middle east countries usa destroyed vietnam and afghanistan and iraq and syria usa support israel they are childrens killers and usa blind for that usa support elhouthi to attack saudia and many and many .usa need new goverment or all world will be with russian and china

  11. You see the happening, today U.S president Biden using the peoples of Yemen To destroy Saudi Arabia and U.A.E.

  12. America's leaders only help countries they will benefit from, since they can never benefits from Nigeria, they didn't decide to tackle Boko Haram 🤔🤔

  13. I noticed articles stating "3000 Azov Nazis" declaring war in Russia or in better words preparing to invade Russia, it was an article around January 2022.

    Ukraine adopted the 3000 Azov Nazis into their National Guard. And Setup to Fight Russia as Russian troops lined up against Ukraine with close to 100,000 Russian Troops.

    Zelensky stated how he felt about working with Nazis. He's glad their fighting with him rather than against him.

    On a different note. The Azov Nazi Battalion may actually be more Ukrainian then German. According to some history on the Azov I found. The Azov we're Goth, like Goth Christians, which adopted Catholicism. I don't know how they got involved in Germany. But history likely tells us.

    Zelensky was planning to run the entire time up until Russia invaded, and he decided not to take the US up on their offer to give him a ride out of Ukraine. I'm glad he stood by the Ukraine People and the Corruption their facing. I was going to call him a traitor to the Ukrainian People.

    He messed up when he didn't discuss the Azov Nazis bordering Russia and the threats they had been making for all of Ukraine. It's still the bearing factor, other than it's not brought up, by anyone, not even the news

  14. America has always been an evil one it invaded Iraq in the name of weapon of mass destruction n killed Saddam when he wanted to trade in euro n wanted to get rid of dollar…he killed gadafi coz he wanted to welcome exchange in gold n fall the paper currency…they are the ones that killed kashongi put wanted to malign the name of MBS to destroy his name I know the games of America.


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