Gravitas: Saudi Royals are selling their assets: Here's why

Saudi Royals are liquidating their assets worth Millions. Real Estate, yachts, artwork & jewels, they’re selling it all. Is it because they want to hide their wealth or do they fear a purge by Crown Prince MBS? Molly Gambhir reports.

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Comment (25)

  1. Sweet heart there is a reset coming up .
    Sure they won't let all this behind, so they sale it to ones who don't know what coming.

  2. that is a bullshit report…the saudis saw what happened to the russian oligarcs….soon they will slowly lay off the US dollar to turn to yuan , rouble ect….

  3. We have a saying in arabic "The dogs (the haters) may bark. But the caravan moves on." Basically it's a way that the we don't care about our haters even the US added in the context. While we're busy focusing on the bigger picture and the brighter future.

  4. That is an obvious path seeing how west seizes private properties of private citizens of the country they do not like and can sanction anytime for anything.
    The actions west has taken against private citizens of Russia and seizing Russian Forex reserves is going to bite back

  5. Pay the 9/11 families how about that oh Nah he was the linkage between the terrorist we let over here they claim they had no clue BS

  6. I believe the crown prince don't want sanctions from the west seizing there assets, so selling them will them advantage and no lost

  7. They are preparing for US sanctions and the future inability to borrow for the infrastructure projects needed for Kingdom building. They need to replace their oil income with renewable energy projects that will make money powering their region.

  8. This is all wrong. They know a big war will happen between Russia and the West so they take precautions by selling their assets before it turns into rubble.

  9. It's not any purge by prince Salman and not to take other royals wealth. The reason that the wealthy in the arab countries no more trust the western countries and its financial system under which they order sanction with breaking all international rules.

  10. Cant it be, that everybody nowadays know, that the countrys that have large natural resourses and/or effective industries, will be "squessed " of the "world ruling might-the us"?

    And to prevent the "sanction" from the us ad min, they sell the sanctionable resourses and move the assets to more secure countries.
    And by the way, this realistic approuch to the situation of the day.
    Where the us, time after time, "drives" in money and resourses from others, in the same way as the feudal lords did half a millenia ago, is maybe the biggest threat, for the us future.
    Well maybe not the "collecting" in it self in the short run, but the now well spread insight on that this is a fact.

    Course, many can live with a bully.
    But now one want to be in contact with a bullying criminal, that robs you continuesly.

  11. Today I was searching for my pink table cloth. But, I just realized it was cut into several pieces and being worn by a certain group 😀


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