Gravitas: Shanghai man mistakenly declared dead

An elderly man in Shanghai was mistakenly declared dead and wheeled to the morgue. He was saved by alert medics who felt something was wrong. How many such mishaps will it take for Xi Jinping to abandon ‘zero-covid’? Palki Sharma tells you.

#Gravitas #Shanghai #Covid19

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Comment (39)

  1. If the motive is not right then don’t expect long term gain or don’t do to others what you don’t want done unto you

  2. Maybe you should focus on eradicating the caste system in your country then focusing on individual's mistake and blowing it out of propotion

  3. Are we sure it wasnt Joe Biden on a state visit and got all wrapped up and at a loss for words?

  4. It's a similar leadership style with Russia. Just feels sick to see some naïve minds saying China and Russia should be world superpowers🤮.
    Clearly this generation needs a taste of slavery in order to appreciate the freedom they already have.

  5. They didn't even check if the person breathing or not or pulse rates. Or checking blood cells activeness with infra-red rays. Or by neurologic movement.
    And declared a living person dead.

  6. Covid is from Wuhan. It is going to around the wirld. Today covid come back China. More than 6.000.000 death.

  7. xi is doing this in partnership with the WEF great reset to collapse the world economy, to bring in the digital dollar globally.. it is nothing by globalist gangster crime… and India have been following suit in their own naive way by introduction of the digital dollar, we have cornered ourselves into a state of digitised pollution and electrification of the ether of our environment, and the human organism is sufferring.. it will be a suffer or adapt and the planet will suffer the passing of billions of people if it is not taken seriously. We are people whose hearts beat to the rhythm of nature, not a digital frequency polluted environment…. that has only been in action for a very short time.. like the vaxs the data is being covered up and fraudulently presented to the benefit of commerce and industry at the expense of everything living.

  8. Quite possible..if you accidently swallowed short chop sticks together with a handkerchief even a doctor would think youre dead..because pork noodles block the breathings..note this..

  9. It is good lessons learned the world should now start to be free from China and Russia for any types of supplies. Countries must now be self sustainable we shall not be at the mercy of these bullies. China will continue to drop to rock bottom in everything for the coming next 20 years at least till 2044.

  10. They should have imported a vaccine rather than use their local one as it clearly didn't work yet the rest of the world has almost contained this virus!🤔

  11. Paramedics in themselves are trying to deal with people breathing and sometimes or blood pressure stuff doesn't register but you can still feel that and listen very carefully they're not taking the time it's just disposal this is a genocide worldwide let's just get it right say it how it is the rich the elite month away they want the poor to pay for it and to go away so that they have it all they want to balance the inequality in the unbalance of the world by thinking they're the answer well that would be taken care of themselves wouldn't it they can't do it. So we are all a problem world climate and world population is a huge problem the government's abuses many at times not just one mini you look back in history it's not notated but you can see in history way back no periods of genocide all throughout the world too many people so they just bump them off in the elite or the ones usually doing it and benefiting from you know nobody pinging their way very sick and twisted!

  12. Sick shades of the "I'm not dead yet" scene in Monty Python's Holy Grail, whose body of work is looking less and less like parody and more and more like prophecy of idiocy to come from the power mad idiots vying to be the Godfathers and Godmothers of the New World Odor

  13. Palki you lost my respect for this reporting. Do you know how many Indian old people were pronounced death for being in deep covid coma? No one knows.

    India conflict with china should not cloud your journalistic judgement.

    A complete fail as India media starts to sound like Murdock media.

  14. I remember, two years ago, when we use to wipe our shopping down with antiseptic wipes before it went into the fridge ?!!..


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