Gravitas: Shanghai's healthcare system has collapsed

China’s latest Wuhan virus outbreak has overwhelmed Shanghai. The healthcare system has collapsed. Non-Covid patients are dying due to lapses. The lockdown has triggered panic buying. Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Comment (45)

  1. How willingly the world aped China's extreme measures at the onset of the pandemic. Authoritarian government has flourished.

  2. I guess during the course of Covid-19 pandemic's run through China, emperor Xi Jinping must have contracted the virus and he would have felt very scared for his life. That is why he has legislated such extreme measures, lest he goes down again with Covid and who knows he may succumb to it the next time.

  3. They are killing off the population under the cloak of covid and the world sits idle… Somehow I can't help to think this is retaliation from China's government for Shanghai being an open society.

  4. remember last year CCP were celebrating the suffering of humans and deaths in India with twitter posts and laughs and bragging about the good health system in china, the irony!

  5. That's the whole mission. Kill elderly bcuz they drain the medical community. I've heard it for years. I can't believe what this world has come to.

  6. Let them die because China people do not Fight against Communist party they will kill you in the end and there will be no more China in the world

  7. I don't understand why China keeps focussing on America when they have their own issues. Focus on your people for gods sake

  8. covid is a LIE!!!!! covid is a LIE!!!!! covid is a LIE!!!!!!!! covid is a LIE!!!!!! covid is a LIE!!!!!!!! The evil Chinese government is FAR MORE dangerous and FAR MORE deadly than the "virus".

  9. Review symptoms of poi-soni-ng to your loved ones dis–ease if c o b r a v e n o m were dosed in the city w-at-er, and I n j e c t e d at the hospital. Just look.

  10. she is 100% bias….China has 24k infections daily…and she hypes that China healthcare system has collapsed….. she must be high on some stuff …..
    India with their Indian Virus had 400k infection a day ….and did she say that India is dead???.

  11. 0 deaths..?? Ha!!! Maybe they wrote so big the number that people cannot read the rest of the 20 zeros with the number one first.. Of course!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  12. I don't know who I'm talking to her my husband was murdered in Elkhart general hospital how to be in torture for 8 hours please help please help please send help

  13. The Omicron Variant isn't life threatening. I had it, I'm not vaccinated! Never once felt like I was dying.

  14. This is the future …… 25 million people jammed into high-rise building shitting tons and tons of human waste and filth and pollution and excrement into the environment…. Shanghai is a glimpse of hell on earth

  15. Take strict action now.Pls do take it seriously.Your life is precious to your family. Stay home stay safe.

  16. Poor people, we had the same problem with health care, becouse of many cases, in the end of 2020, 2021 and this winter there were problems too , but we are no so many, the food was cheaper, now is very expensive. This for them is like the our first wave, but this variant is more contiguous and is spreading very quickly in comparison with previous variants.

  17. Remember when they covered up the Wuhan Deaths and said they died from other causes, what a sick country threats communist dictatorship for you., look at Putin the killing of children and raping women is this China and Russia's new world order?

  18. COME ON MAN have you the people of the world not figured out what is really going on these days THE WORLD LEADERS ARE PROPERCATING THESE EVENTS in order to purge society of the masses, resources on this planet cannot sustain what is being dubbed the over breeding pandemic, releasing viruses, stooping to non shipping of gross product around the world , wars imposed shortages by each country in order to start in fighting all the while the illuminati elite are holed up in their gated mansions watching the commoners tear themselves apart, ONLY ONE CURE LEFT INVADE THE RICH PEOPLES WORLD and redistribute the wealth !!! see how they like it and dont forget the WOKE MOB EITHER

  19. If there's zero deaths,why is a entire town in Lock down, something is bigger is happening there, is there a. UFOs UFOs UFOs aliens 👽👽👽👽, things happening in China.
    Strange that a large town is closed, completely closed, what's really happening in China.
    If deaths is everywhere xx then tell the world, so maybe the world could get ready itself,if it's really that horrible.

  20. China be like Shanghai Zero Covid Lockdown

    Philippines be like Luzon Hard Lockdown with Political Tension 😑

  21. The Chinese government is not out for their people we all see this now.
    What a shame it is. Laying off this virus and then letting their people starve.

  22. China have already took the Corona pandemic blame .I think they don't want to take another blame that's why they are taking precautions about Wuhan virus .

  23. Ah Palki, you are a gem, boldy and repeatedly calling it the Wuhan virus, like it should be called, and if she says it once, she says it dozens of times… what a gal!

  24. Fauci uses American tax payers money to fund the Wuhan laboratory. How true is this? Now why is China going for zero Covid? Did China knew about the Wuhan viruses that we don't know. That China is so desperate in lockdown . Any china scientists knows ? Care to share. Black Death, SARS and Wuhan pandemic originated from China


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