Gravitas: Shares of defence companies soar amidst Ukraine war

The war in Ukraine has triggered a rise in the sale of weapons. Estimates say military spending could go up by 50% in the Next 5 years. The U.S. is one of the few countries benefiting from this rise in demand for weapons. Which are the rest? Listen in to Palki Sharma

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Comment (23)

  1. War is money!! The bottom line?? Food, then rebuilding the country afterwards never been a better time to be an arm's dealer and America is the top?? Never been about people??only the top 10% of their population count?? They flee and never fight in wars?? Think about it people?? REMEMBER THEIR'S MORE OF US THEN THEM!!!!!???

  2. That's how the world works, if egg an drops on the floor ,those whose needed the egg liquid will cry while those who needed the shell will have no problem.

  3. US loves this war making billions. Biden keeps pressing Zelensky to fight and die for US.
    But the winner goes to war tested Russian hypersonic missiles, jets, bombers, helicopters, tanks and artillery.
    Runner-up Isreal.
    Strongman Putin Uurraaaa!!!

  4. US benefits from constant war they launder money through wars and force other countries to invest into NATO Iraq Syria Afganistan Yemen Somalia Pakistan Philippines Lybia now Ukraine

  5. Yeah lady, the gun share price is soring but The American People are paying the bill like always.

  6. Wall street traders and Investors in military companies also benefit big, not just the companies. Russia also destroyed Ukraine, at Ukraine's expense, with mostly old equipment that they would have had to dump anyway to upgrade. Americans left plenty of military equipment in Afganistan which allows for a "refresh". What these countries did in Syria, Is in the same vein. So, it is all business and money than human life, liberation, freedom and democratic values.

  7. On the tears of crumbling country others profit while yet others are threatened with sanctions ! What hypocrisy 😒 Never ever trust such ruthless people. What everyone forgets is tomorrow can bring a horrific change 😢

  8. It wouldn't surprise me if the NATO intentionally expanded their territory just to push Russia to fight in order to gain profit. If places like Europe beginning to used like middle east, Africa of even Asia for profit then nowhere is safe.

  9. But no one wants russian or Chinese weapons the west has the technology and it technology that wins you a war not work war two tanks look at Russia it's a comedy army 😎👍🇮🇪

  10. These companies cheer the war and usa Nuland primed this war. And nato boss pushes for more arms for nato.

    Great info Wion.


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