Gravitas: Sri Lanka: Gotabaya waves the green flag on all-party government

LPG prices in Sri Lanka have doubled. China is upset with Colombo over IMF bailout. Gotabaya Rajapaksa says he has no problem with an all-party govt. Palki Sharma Upadhyay brings you the latest on the Lankan crisis.

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Comment (31)

  1. මේ දුෂිත පාලක පවුල පන්නා දමන්න ඕන

  2. New Golden visa offer for the foreigners will kill the jobs of the future generation. This is our most valuable resource in the country. This will effect all industries such as farming , fishing, banking etc. Please explore the ripple effect that would devastate the jobs of the common man except for the politician who charge commissions from each business.

  3. Just to be clear.. it's sadly the Rajapaksha clan that prefers China and their loans.. not the entire country or any other major political party.. yet sadly 6.9 million voted the Rajapakshas in fully knowing this.. and now all of us have to suffer for it 🙁

  4. Palki your tone is colloquial but you speak facts. You asserted the adage "never judge a book by its cover". Thank you very much India for bailing us out

  5. The Rajapaksas are now trying everything in the book to try to stay in power…last minute ploy to rob as much as they can before they run…I think he is delusional…what votes or voters…Be honourable and do the people a favour and leave…

  6. As long as they are in power they know that the Sri Lankan army will protect them. Once they resign it could either end up in an incident like Gaddafi of Libya or they will be arrested for misappropriation and robbing State funds from the time after the Tamil Tigers were defeated.

  7. One family rule without educational background and professionalisim..they currupt what ever wants..and make sri lanka as a bankrupsy.

  8. Blaming China for the Rajapaksa regime’s incompetence will not solve Sri-Lanka's problems!

    No one with even half-brain will lend money to a country that is bankrupt!

    When and how will they pay back the loans?

    India should stop propping up the dodgy regime in Colombo and sort out its own problems such as extreme poverty and the widespread malnutrition.

    Last year, the Global Hunger Index ranked India at 101 out of 116 countries, well below Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan, as well as poorer and more politically volatile countries like Cameroon and Tanzania.

    The National Family Health Survey, conducted from 2019 to 2021, found that one-third of all Indian children under the age of five were stunted and underweight, with little to no improvement in child nutrition levels since the previous survey was conducted in 2015-2016.

  9. A "no party" government of elected competent technocrats is the bitter medicine required, not musical chair exercises by the usual incompetent wastrels.

  10. Unless the rajapakshas are out, SL is doomed..Rajapakshas claims to have people on their side?.. are you blind?… Rajapakshas, don't you see the massive protests?.. asking you to go home?…

  11. Chinease government played a game witj Rajapaksha thieves. US$ 8 bilion which they claim as loans given to Sri Lanks was given to Rajapakshas as kicbacks

  12. China has just expressed its stance that since it has been lending to many countries around the world, debt restructuring for one country would set up precedence and could have an impact on the other countries as well.

    suggestions: find a solid information resource before reporting. otherwise, make you look stup*d if one may use this word.

  13. There have been a number of occasions when nations have opted for governments of national unity, in times of crisis, usually military but sometimes for other reasons. And that government has run the nation through consensus. These are usually fairly short lived as once the urgency has passed the political differences surface. Or else a. Election happens and people make a clear choice. The difficulty here is that the realities have been obscured and now no one knows what a good politician looks like. This reluctance to leave office is clearly very wrong, governments respectful of democracy would have resigned for the difficulties Sri Lanka is now in. I don’t have answers, it is very hard to find them.

  14. හොරුන්ගේ පාර්ලිමේන්තුවට අමතරව තවත් පාර්ලිමේන්තුවක් ගෝල්ෆේස් පිටියේ තිබිය යුතුයි.In addition to the parliament of robbers , there should be another parliament in the Gallface Ground.

  15. “ … SJB having a deal with finance minister basil – Vasu …”
    This is completely misleading. As you have to look at who is Vasu – this is one of the most corrupt, racist politician who support gotabaya.

    Peoples call is to resign Gota and all rajapaksha’s.
    This Vasu and 40 mps from this Gota government went and sat as independent ONLY retain Gota as president, now he accuses SJB having a deal with government.

    On the other what SJB says is we cannot sit with an interim government presided by Gota or any rajapaksha’s and with those 41 independent mps as majority of them are corrupt and have blood on their hand in regards to Easter bombing which masterminded by Gota campaign to come to power.

    This is why SJB opposition says , we will take over the country only by a peoples mandate , election.

    Any other solution like interim government with ruling party mps will not do any good as that will only strengthen this corrupt government.


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