Gravitas | Sri Lanka: Opposition's plan to oust Rajapaksas revealed

Sri Lanka will default on its debt for the first time in its independent history. The opposition parties have now decided to push for the ouster of the Rajapaksas. What’s their plan? Palki Sharma tells you.

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Comment (26)

  1. Rajapaksha brothers stolen our money, Destroyed future. They print Uganda's money here & export them.

  2. The Opposition should unite & oust the current leader for being useless and don't know how to run a government!

  3. The 41 members of Parliament have not switched sides. Supposed to be independent but they are sitting with the government.
    The impeachment and the no confidence vote against the President may not succeed because the opposition may not be able to get the votes required.
    But the Galle Face protest is gathering momentum and now is on its 7th day. Countrywide protests too are continuing.

    Singularity Sri Lanka is on a mass international campaign on an awareness and support.

    The people are demanding for the stolen millions of dollars which will certainly help out the economy of the country. This may or may not happen as the constitution does not cover that area.

    The Rajapakse's will certainly be out! It's just a matter of time!!

  4. Srilankan Sinhala people mostly controlled by Buddhist monks They should support the people now
    2018 they was the main influential force
    For the gotabays victory

  5. Tamils must read your history before independence from British and after till 2009 May 18… You can realise who are you ? Where are you ? what you are doing now? and build your Country strong and wealthy…

  6. How Sri Lanka get money when Rajapksa family take all the money and bring uneducated people to the government and what was paper’s or tuns of Weight bills taken to the Uganda get a chance find out then all know reason what happened to Sri Lanka

  7. Boy's and girls are very clear what they want boy's not likes to see gota
    And mahinda family members what's so ever!!! must all gota ball out and facing war criminal against tamils . They were all go to prison for life . Mahinda one of the richest man in the world. Who is money
    Innocent people of srilankan money.
    Therefore all money pay back to srilankan economy . Gota got all power therefore he and he's brothers
    Never listen to anyone in the country.
    all family's were directors put quite a lot people in the person and million of srilankan have been killed by gota
    And he's brother mahinda . Both brothers were played dirty politics
    In srilanka . Today srilankan sinhala, tamils, muslim all well understand
    Gota racists dirty politics . Therefore
    People of srilankan send gota family
    To prison for ever!!! Srilanka united once and for all !! Educated people
    Must come to power that's the bottom line.

  8. I doubt the no-confidence motion will be successful. Most Sri Lankan Parliamentarians are corrupt and can easily be bought off and the Rajapaksas have a huge budget to buy off parliamentarians in their favour

  9. 1 Billion dollars, 40 metric tonnes of diesel, food materials. To much supplies to sri lanka by India without any returns will definitely leads to high taxation on Indian citizens.

  10. බල කරන්නේ නෑ . . හිත හොද කෙනෙක් ඉන්නවනම් ..1k හිනෙට යන්න උදවු කරන්න 🥰🥰 මේ දුක දන්නේ you tubers ලාට විතරයි😪

  11. දේකට නවලා පුකේ අරින්න ඹනේ මුන්ට හරක් පයියකීන් රාජපක්ශලාට

  12. මැදමූලේ පව්කරයෝ රාජපක්ශලා මල පෙරේතයෝ කම්භ හොරැන්ට වදින රටක් — හොරැන්ව රකින රටක්— හොරැන්ට වදින රටක්—කම්භ හොරැ කම්භ හොරැ රකින රටක්


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