Gravitas: Taliban is allowing foreign terrorists to thrive in Afghanistan

As many as 7 explosions ripped through Afghanistan this week. Under the Taliban, terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda are thriving. They are now developing capabilities to conduct external operations. Molly Gambhir decodes the security challenges.

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Comment (39)

  1. Just a reminder, those weapons belonged once to the US. After they left like cowards, they left some nice toys.

  2. This Islamic extremists fighting each other to be on top. Each group have leaders that aim to show to other groups that they are the best and the most powerful. They will never lift up their people and country especially when their own government has its own barbaric Taliban group.

  3. Thanks to the US and their slave European countries, Afghanistan is in the hands of the terrorists. Yet another muslim country destroyed because of "democracy" bringers

  4. The taliban literally hv banned high ranking terrorists in their government so it is an internal struggle for power as well

  5. The al queda and isis are making a move for the 85 billion dollar weapons to fully arm a state wide army

  6. isis was in afghanistan since 2015 and is fought by taliban since then.. so the assumtion that "Taliban is allowing foreign terrorists to thrive in Afghanistan" is just wrong..

  7. Product of USA. If there is no war in this world, USA is losing a lot of money. That’s why they left all their weapons in Afghanistan. That’s why they support the war in Ukraine too.

  8. ISIS and AL Qaeda are creations of CIA and US. They are used in countries US wants regime change and wants to destabilise. Like Assad said, these foreigners came to his country Syria with brand new weapons, unlimited weapons supplies and funding.

  9. Americans, Russians escaped isis drugs addicts, now the leftout terrorist may need expansion & providing protection to narcotic drug sellers.

  10. If we have have attacks in india,
    Does it mean that we have refuged terrorists….nonsence..

    Afganstan itself iz fighting these attacks..
    Why will they refuge those whot attack themself..

    Be logical.

  11. Another reason for US to leave afghanistan is the non determination of the afghan people to free themselves from these groups,..many people are looking the US as coward and manipulative , but they tried, except afghanistan is not interested in democracy , they are used for their local beliefs and ways, the result, the extremists flock in their to be their stronghold and training base camp,..with this they will attack their enemies again.

  12. Who complains when the flies eat the rats? Should we then argue if a rat eats a fly? Nah, let em sort it out. Cheers.

  13. All those countries that are not helping the Taliban establish their government, and those countries that are impeding the Taliban ability to govern Afghanistan are the ones allowing foreign terrorist to thrive in Afghanistan.
    The United States of America, stealing their money does not help.
    In fact the penchant of the American for "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" suggest that the Americans might be supporting the ISIS and al-Qaeda against the Taliban.

  14. I hope the US would not interfere again..they would only make it worse let Thier neighbors deal with it..

  15. सभी धर्मियों (धार्मिकजन) का प्रत्येक दिन अद्वितीय और प्यारा हो।

    ब्रह्म (सात्त्विक अनन्त सत्य) ही एक मात्र सत्य है, बाकी सब साम्प्रदायिक बैसाखी हैं ।

    ब्रह्म के अलावा बाकी सब ठगी तुर्रा हैं।

    तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय।

    कुधर्म ( रीलिजन) में अवनति मानवता के विरुद्ध अपराध है।

    May each day of all righteous ones (Dharmicjan) be unique and lovely.

    Brahm (Eternal truth) is the only truth, the rest are communal (religionists-Us versus Others gangs) crutches.

    Except Brahm, all the others are swindlers' cockades.

    From darkness, lead me to Light.

    Proselytizing is a crime against humanity.

  16. Russia, America bombed them non stop ,and left their military equipments to strengthen them also they are just growing stronger and spreading wider and with china influencing them to work against neighbours i M clueless how to stop and terminate terrorists

  17. 😊 It was funny watching the cowardly Trump gov't, begging to surrender to the Taliban…. "Oh Oh Please let us surrender and leave!"

    And the taliban's response to Trump was, "we don't want you to surrender and leave, because we want to kill more of you!" (I guess "the art of the deal" didn't apply to those negotiations! 😊

    Then the cowardly buffoon Biden could not retreat fast enough…. And Biden was ever so grateful that the Taliban was showing him mercy!😊

  18. These are Americans trying all means to destabilize Afghanistan again ,,, the armed terrorist groups of Syria .. they are looking for another options to go and drill oil since they predicted the shortage of oil and gas

  19. You Islamophobes! , Don't you know that terrorism and terrorists have no Religion?

    Calling out the names of these "innocent terrorists" is Islamophobia, even United States agrees to it. 🤡

    Ola hu Uber 🤲💣💥 😇

  20. All muslim careful with slander.
    Islam and islam sibling .
    Careful with slander.
    Must imagi good.
    Alloh alloh alloh


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