Gravitas: Tesla in India? Musk cites roadblocks

Elon Musk is blaming ‘government challenges’ for Tesla’s delayed India launch. Palki Sharma decodes Tesla’s roadblock.

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  1. If the government was looking after their economy, they would let him do the trial run and make sure it goes well so that he puts a factory there.
    They are just being prideful and bullheaded.

  2. Profits are the way companies guarantee jobs and pay taxes my dear, this is the engine of the economy you mentioned the government is looking after. Did any editor check this text before going to air ?

  3. Elon musk is so dumb, obviously he should be putting indias economy before himself and his companies

  4. Elon musk dont let his Tesla come to India because of two reasons one is he is only looking for profit another thing road data with other data will be collected by his car and it will get back to USA

  5. Government for Economy and Corporate for Profit…. Welcome to Eco 101.
    How does this become a news😒.

  6. Nah we don't want Elon Musk Tesla cars we Indians quite happy with our local brands = TATA , Mahindra , maruti & list goes on peace

  7. The import duty is very high , to assemble them in India is a sweetener to Tesla. If they do not sell for whatever reason they can be exported = more benefits for Tesla as exported goods have government subsidies and tax breaks.

  8. You don't make money jumping into expensive projects without testing the market. To suggest one should build a likely multi billion dollar factory without having a speck of market data indicates a lack of basic understanding of economics or business. And of course he's worried about freaking profits. If the freaking company wasn't profitable, it wouldn't exist. There would be no new development, no new cars, nothing. Your feelings and desire to have access to a specific product don't trump common sense and the livelyhoods of thousands upon thousands of people.

  9. No, their interest is the same; if the car doesn’t perform in the market sufficiently to earn profit, it makes no sense to invest in factories. These are sophisticated cars. If these cars could be built completely in India, there would be manifold benefits to India. Musk is thinking long term. Government is thinking short term.

  10. It’s called business. The government is trying to gain and Musk is trying to gain. Both are doing what they’re supposed to be doing

  11. Ya so what’s wrong with that ? I mean if I told you bring your company here to the US or in some other country , would you not look for your benefit ?? This Vidio is dumb

  12. So basically Tesla is not paying the bribes to get onto India. If Tesla doesn't sell any cars in India it will still make a profit.

  13. Hes right….
    Why should HE take all the risks not knowing if the demand for his product is there and blow capital by building a factory and THEN find out there isn't enough demand to make it financially viable.
    This narrative makes no sense. Just demonising him for views.

  14. Not his profits, his reputation. He wants to control the build quality. If he wanted profit he'd just say "yes"

  15. If the cars dont sell then he cant pay the workers to put the parts together. So maybe idk sell some cars then build a factory to make more…. Duh

  16. Whats wrong with making profits!!
    And how should he trust Indians that imported parts would not be exchanged with low quality parts while assembling and originals parts will not make their way to black market?

  17. No shit lmao why would a businessman from another country purposely lose money for said country? Does India not know how to run a business? Like, lmao. I thought America has some dumb shit but India is on a whole other level lol.
    "We want you to make a huge investment on something you don't know if you can make a profit from"
    Musk:"Americans aren't that fucking stupid. Screw India."
    Then the Indians continued their quest for bobs and vegenes

  18. He is not wrong if he wants to try and see. To buy even a piece of cloth we try then this is a way big decision. May be government can specify some limit for trails

  19. People tweeting can't afford TESLA.
    only free people have time for social networks, thats why BBT is not advertising.

  20. He is Targeting India. He is picking a fight?? You say that but he only said he is still working through some challenges with the government.
    How exactly is that picking a fight ?
    With all due respect ma'am, your biased is showing. Why would a company invest 100s of Millions of dollars before knowing if they will sell in India.
    You admit he wants to know if his cars will sell before he invests in India.
    Wow, them sure are fighting words.

  21. Telsa is a public company, it is a crime( literally) that he can get sued over by his investors if he doesn't look after the profit.


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