Gravitas: The growing challenges in India's neighbourhood

India’s neighbourhood is in crisis.
In Pakistan, the ISIS is trying to revive itself.
China is accelerating its nuclear build-up.
Sri Lanka and Nepal are facing economic challenges.
How should India respond? Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you.

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Comment (32)

  1. Indians are more busy abusing the Prime Minister who is presently handling not only these surrounding challenges, but most of all, these terror sympathizers within India… And the younger generation is more interested in enjoying IPL & demanding lower fuel prices 😓

  2. If India would have pumped in money like Raghuram Rajan Ilk told India would have been SL or Pakistan . Thank goodness we had fiscally prudent government

  3. No pakistan is good neighborhood….
    Or make them preoccupied with their problems that they forget to look this side…
    Such a $h!+¥ country 😂😂😂

  4. India have too much issue with its neighbours. China and Pakistan is their neighbours and it is not going to change. It is better to give up those disputed territory and focus on current territory. India is already big enough with enough problems within itself to have disputes with its neighbours. Your adversary is not Pakistan and China , both of those countries at least treat you as equal, the west on the other hand, still treat you like a colony. China had to give up claim to Mongolia for peace with the USSR and some part of Manchuria to have peace with Russia.

  5. Palki – Its hard to say what's more dangerous to India, stable pakistan or unstable pakistan. Humor at its peak!

  6. Peaceful country in total peas n nuts now a days. 😂😂😂ur country is selling its own pm n general aur batein kashmir ki 🤣🤣🤣🤣whata a joke.After Srilanaka be ready next is pakistan

  7. Palki Sharma’s answer to all India’s problems:
    Organiza a United Quad Armed Forces and wipe out China ASAP! India would be the chief assistant to the US in the new world order. All India’s enemies would surrender unconditionally, and the world’s wealth would be divided between India and the US.

  8. This news channel forgot to include the Bangladeshi migration exodus that's plaguing the North East and the extreme islamic build-up in these regions.

  9. What a misleading title " India's difficult neighbourhood". The title should have been " India's intelligence has made India's neighbours as living hells like it has made its own". We like to remind this news reader, who pretends to be news maker that , in no close neighbouring country of India, their electorate haven't voted in to power a horrendously religious fundamental party like RSS backed BJP. But India has and it is being converted into a living hell from being a quite liberal and secular democratic polity. Try to oil your own machine which has become non functional and rusty rather than sabotaging economic and political fabric of all your close neighbours when Bangladesh is their worst victim of deep rooted conspiracy and sabotage. Story of Sri Lanka should be a good lesson to Bangladesh. We ought to finish our projects on time avoiding heavy cost-overruns and cancel all projects funded by Indian Exim Bank Supplier's hardest kind of tied credit. They are limping for decades increasing our debt repayment astronomically. India don't have the will and money to fund our development projects anyway. This is just one of their political tools of exerting political pressure on us and act as impediments to our development pursuits.

  10. India is in a position to fight anything we are have the money we have the army we have the people… India will survive as long as there is no internal revolt no revolution of any sort… Till India is strong in the inside its strong on the outside

  11. I hope Pakistan and Chine invade India, I used be India fan since Ukraine invaded Russia. I’m no longer like India. I hope they face same experience as Ukraine so they feel what it means.. Amin

  12. Paxtan is never stable and will never be in future. Stable paxtan is a myth, this is very dangerous for india.

  13. The refugees from Tamil Eelam is a result of India's soft approach towards Sri Lanka and not supporting a safe space for her Tamil people in Northern Sri Lanka. Suppose it was a left over British era problem where Tamils were brought in to work tea plantations and run the administration of Sri Lanka, in addition to those who already lived in Eelam long, long ago. The lack of foresight in those last wars eliminating fighters with the aid of the US, CNY, Israel etc without resolving the raison d'état for the existence of these fighters now coming back to devastate Sri Lanka in a karmic return. Wisdom to resolve problems within one's own country is what creates prosperity. <3

  14. What will be happan if India and Pakistan joined as a single nation.?…. Ma'am…. Please give your point of view..

  15. India and Pakistan seems only countries in the world having border problems from day one of both independent.
    India should quickly solve it's border problems with Pakistan in order face China in full strength in economy and military .
    India is very far behind with China in economy and military power because Indian politicians are wasting time and tax payers money on unnecessary internal politics and if their attitudes never change India may break like Soviet union .

  16. The political leadership of Sri Lanka is to blame for the crisis. India was warning about Chinese debt trap for years now, but politicians in Sri Lanka never took it seriously. Also they often spill their domestic politics into foreign relations.


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