Gravitas: The Philippines delays RCEP nod

The Philippines has deferred ratifying the China-led RCEP trade deal amid opposition from farmers and businesses. The delay comes amid Manila’s growing rivalry with Beijing, and their growing proximity to Delhi. Palki Sharma tells you how India can benefit.

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Comment (34)

  1. Historically, India and China are already friends with Philippines before Philippines got its name "Philippines," before the Philippines was colonized by Portuguese/Spaniards. Indians have their trades in the Philippines, as well as Chinese. They are a family to all Filipinos, actually Indians and Chinese who stayed in the Philippines during those times are already Filipinos, we are just one. Africans (Negritos) also lived in the Philippines for sooo many long years, but the majority of Filipinos are of Indo/Malay blood origin, that is why Philippines was a Muslim, Hindu and Chinese religion country before the Catholic Spaniards came. It is better to maintain strong alliance with our neighbors; China, Russia, The Middle East, East Asia and South Asia, all Asian Nations in all areas than the US and Western countries the EU in which they can easily put a sanction to a nation that go against them or nation that they do not like. Lesson learned!

  2. The rampant pond pragmatically employ because table cumulatively embarrass a a cumbersome sentence. drab, immense ornament

  3. Philippines 🇵🇭 and Filipinos are most nicest and generous people’s on earth stick with Japan India Indonesia Israel Russia just those five countries

  4. well, props to Duterte on this one. India seems like a more robust business partner and ally compared to PRC/CCP.

  5. Philippines will remain neutral. Friends to everyone, enemy to none.
    Taking advantage on both sides.
    President is playing geopolitics very well.

  6. I tell you WION is being watched by a lot of Filipinos right now. A while ago I heard WION news in the other room. Sending love to India from Ph.😍

  7. I am so proud of our president in Philippines. BIG respect for both India and Philippines relationship.

  8. Such bullcrap. India is a strategic ally of Russia. Russia is a strategic ally of China. Therefore, India is a strategic ally of China as well. The Philippines is a strategic ally of both Russia and China, as per a treaty made between Putin, Xi, and Duterte. Duterte made the agreements with Russia and China separately. But the Philippines is allied with both nations. Don’t EVER believe that any of these countries are neutral. They are NOT. They are all allies. Anything else they say is just smoke and mirrors.

  9. As much as we want to maintain a close ties to china we cannot move further. Our foreign policy is "enemies to none friends to all". Each superpowers has their own interest in the region and we cannot afford to be used by this great nations. We need play our part to this geopolitical scenario that would be the beginning of the new world order.

  10. if Leni robredo win for president our country is doom! because of her one sided and lack of knowledge to foreign policy.

  11. I think this type of news was not even broadcast in our local media here in PH.

    Thank you WION for this news 🇵🇭

  12. How I wish that our government here in the Philippines follow India's footsteps stating it's neutrality on Russia and Ukraine war so we can buy discounted oil from Russia,
    But don't get me wrong I didn't mean that support Russia on what were they doing it just we were fed up on excuse of oil price hike here in the Philippines because there's a war that's the only reason they gave us here and it's affecting our daily lives like an dominos effect every price goes up,
    Last I think they should stop what were they doing nobody is winner on war everybody loses from economic stand point to human and diplomatic relations.
    And lastly for Ukrainian government it's good that you are fighting for your freedom but remember this "there's no such thing as free lunch in this world everything has a price"
    Trust me for we here in the Philippines know what happened on ww2 in Pacific
    Specially Philippines – Japan independence every weapon has its cost.

  13. In not surprise with Phil and India bilateral agreement both country have cultural ties before Butuan City in Mindanao named after ancient Bhutan kingdom somewhere in India

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  15. China is the most villainous country in the world. I do not and will never ever condone Chinese Communism. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot of great Chinese folks out there and the country itself is rich in culture. CCP is what’s destroying China.

  16. I am extremely happy to see that finally our brothers in India are strengthening their friendship with is Filipinos ❤️

  17. Yeah, this is a nice move by our President Duterte to get out of RCEP. Its about time for Philippines to import and trade durable Indian products, instead of cheap yet disposable and low quality Chinese products. We can also trade with our ASEAN brothers, but please not with China


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